Got Us

2021-06-28Mada-Rose86 imagesAmateur, Bondage, Rope Bondage
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Mada-Rose and friend all tied up together. Lots of great bondage pics in this set of these two lovely girls including some bonus close ups.

Maids at work

2012-06-1564 images
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Wednesday Harrington and Tomiko are two maids who find some rope under a pillow in a guests room! They decide to try it out and Tomiko soon has Wednesday all tied up! O dear! the guest is back and decides two are better than one so ties and gags Tomiko tightly on the bed leaving the two girls to struggle in their bonds!

Silenced in the cube

2012-04-2926:18 minutes
Silenced in the cube 1
Silenced in the cube 2
Silenced in the cube 3
Silenced in the cube 4

two sexy girls are describing their bondage ordeal when things take a twist and they are both bound and silenced in this exciting all action bondage film.

The hit woman

2012-03-24131 images
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The hit woman 4

Two gorgeous new models feature in this shoot. Policewoman Randy-Star calls at a house where Lady-K the Hit Woman is waiting. Randy is overpowered and tied to a chair while Lady-K waits for her target. More to follow!!

Captive Duo

2012-03-0546 images
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Captive Duo 4

Trixie and her friend are spending an evening together when they are surprised by burglars who tie them to chairs while they search for valuables. The pair are then taken upstairs and left bound and gagged on the bed.