Bondage Motel

2018-01-11Imogen49 imagesBondage, Secretary
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Imogen makes her first appearance on our site and this lovely red haired girl finds herself all trussed up in a motel room. Photography by Davy UK

Who Done It

2015-06-10Adara Jordan41 imagesBondage
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Who Done It 1
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Who Done It 3
Who Done It 4

We are not sure of that, but what we do know is that we found Adara all trussed up, topless and ballgagged. Our blonde damsel in distress is going nowhere fast!

Christmas Cheer

2014-12-21Madalina60 imagesBondage
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Christmas Cheer 4

Our Christmas day Damsel in Distress this year is Madalina with a great set called Christmas Cheer. Madalina looks so sexy in her festive costume and all wrapped up and tape gagged! We are pleased to announce that Madalina has won 2 Bondage awards this year and is also a model for Bound Kathy and Friends where they got 7th best paysite. Happy Christmas guys and Gals!