Stay in the Corner

2019-07-03 Amelia Knight 83 images Amateur, Bondage
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Stay in the Corner 1
Stay in the Corner 2
Stay in the Corner 3
Stay in the Corner 4

Amelia Knight has been naughty in class and put in the corner after being tightly tied and gagged

I'm a nurse tie me!

2019-03-14 Tiger Lilly 45 images Blonde, Bondage, Uniform
I'm a nurse tie me! 0
I'm a nurse tie me! 1
I'm a nurse tie me! 2
I'm a nurse tie me! 3
I'm a nurse tie me! 4

Tiger lily is the nurse in trouble today and all tied up as requested in different nurse uniforms! See Tiger Lily at Bound Kathy and Friends as well.

It's a Wrap Final

2016-06-28 Erin 63 images Bondage
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It's a Wrap Final 1
It's a Wrap Final 2
It's a Wrap Final 3
It's a Wrap Final 4

Here is Erin in all the shots you never saw before. Trussed up and ball gagged in lingerie and black stockings. A real collectors item!

Indian Captive

2016-05-14 Madalina 56 images Bondage
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Indian Captive 1
Indian Captive 2
Indian Captive 3
Indian Captive 4

All is not well on the Indian reservation! Madalina is dressed in her sexy Indian costume and is trussed up with tight ropes and gagged! Some really good shots here of our sexy Damsel in Distress.