Christmas again!

2019-12-23Amelia Knight30 imagesBondage, Rope Bondage, Uniform
Christmas again! 0
Christmas again! 1
Christmas again! 2
Christmas again! 3
Christmas again! 4

A completely re-mastered set of Amelia Knight bound for Christmas

The Two Seat Tie

2017-08-30April93 imagesBondage
The Two Seat Tie 0
The Two Seat Tie 1
The Two Seat Tie 2
The Two Seat Tie 3
The Two Seat Tie 4

April is tied with lots of rope by Daniel using two chairs! Apair of panties is all that she is left wearing. She looks great scarf gagged and topless!

Erin Hogtied and Frantic

2016-08-19Erin43 imagesBondage
Erin Hogtied and Frantic 0
Erin Hogtied and Frantic 1
Erin Hogtied and Frantic 2
Erin Hogtied and Frantic 3
Erin Hogtied and Frantic 4

You are going to love this set guys! Here are the last never before posted pictures of Erin in this great Tie Up! Real sexy stuff from Erin and great Damsel in Distress pictures!

Bells and Gag!

2016-03-14Madalina45 imagesBondage
Bells and Gag! 0
Bells and Gag! 1
Bells and Gag! 2
Bells and Gag! 3
Bells and Gag! 4

Madalina is posing here in a shot by photographer Pat, sporting a set of bell nipple clamps and a leather full gag. Wearing a red Basque and little else our damsel in distress looks so sweet!

Elf Steals Chocolates!

2015-12-21Madalina69 imagesBondage
Elf Steals Chocolates! 0
Elf Steals Chocolates! 1
Elf Steals Chocolates! 2
Elf Steals Chocolates! 3
Elf Steals Chocolates! 4

Our sexy little Christmas Elf Madalina has been caught stealing the chocolates from round the Christmas tree. Now Santa thinks that a certain punishment is appropriate and here she is all wrapped up and gagged for Christmas!

Bondage Allsorts

2015-09-01Madalina76 imagesBondage
Bondage Allsorts 0
Bondage Allsorts 1
Bondage Allsorts 2
Bondage Allsorts 3
Bondage Allsorts 4

In this set Madalina gets tied up and fastened up in many exciting ways including mummification. This girl looks good however she is tied. Credit for the shoot goes to Captive Kink.

Sweet Bounty

2015-05-0830 imagesBondage
Sweet Bounty 0
Sweet Bounty 1
Sweet Bounty 2
Sweet Bounty 3
Sweet Bounty 4

Bounty is a new girl on the site and here she is tied to the stairs and gagged with her ample breasts in full view. Credit also goes to Jim the photographer on this shoot.

Nylons and Shackles

2015-02-12Adara Jordan52 imagesBondage
Nylons and Shackles 0
Nylons and Shackles 1
Nylons and Shackles 2
Nylons and Shackles 3
Nylons and Shackles 4

Adara Jordan is back wearing just nylons with her hands and feet shackled. Our blonde beauty is wearing a nice tight ballgag!

Bedsheet Ties

2015-02-06Madalina69 imagesBondage
Bedsheet Ties 0
Bedsheet Ties 1
Bedsheet Ties 2
Bedsheet Ties 3
Bedsheet Ties 4

Madalina looks great in this shoot! Here we find her all tied up to a chair with strips of bed sheet and add to that a sexy big red ballgag and some nipple clamps on her bare breasts she is truly a sight to behold!

Curious Neighbour

2015-02-0440 imagesBondage
Curious Neighbour 0
Curious Neighbour 1
Curious Neighbour 2
Curious Neighbour 3
Curious Neighbour 4

Scarlett is the Mexican girl next door model who got so curious about the photo shoots that we thought it only right to give her some first hand experience. She is tied to a bed spreadeagle then bound and gagged in a nice hogtie wearing fishnets and she is topless showing off her ample breasts.