The Tighter Option

2021-02-217:40 minutesBondage, Damsel In Distress, Rope Bondage
The Tighter Option 1
The Tighter Option 2
The Tighter Option 3
The Tighter Option 4

Becky is left to struggle frantically on the floor tightly hogtied and ballgagged. Very sexy! Contains promotional material from Bound Brazil

The Tighter Option

2020-12-06128 imagesAmateur, Hogtie, Rope Bondage
The Tighter Option 0
The Tighter Option 1
The Tighter Option 2
The Tighter Option 3
The Tighter Option 4

When the burglar left Becky hogtied and gagged he was well pleased with the result and pleased he had chosen the tighter option when he tied her. Screen shots from the film.

Strict Ties

2020-08-13Trixie40 imagesAmateur, Bondage, Rope Bondage
Strict Ties 0
Strict Ties 1
Strict Ties 2
Strict Ties 3
Strict Ties 4

Trixie is trussed up real tight by Toebinder in this set.

Tied by the Grinch 2

2018-12-23Trixie43 imagesBondage
Tied by the Grinch 2 0
Tied by the Grinch 2 1
Tied by the Grinch 2 2
Tied by the Grinch 2 3
Tied by the Grinch 2 4

Trixie is left tied up in a tight hogtie on the floor, tightly gagged and wearing her Christmas hat. Meanwhile the Grinch looks on and is well pleased with his work!

Hogtied elf

2012-06-295:26 minutes
Hogtied elf 1
Hogtied elf 2
Hogtied elf 3
Hogtied elf 4

Toebinder has really got Trixie trussed up for Christmas. She is dressed as one of Santa's elfs and hogtied on the floor wearing her elfs costume and a nice tight pair of white trousers. Trixie struggles and moans with a strap attatched to the ceiling preventing her from rolling away. Just to get her in the mood Toebinder has placed her in front of the television with a bondage film running!!

Bamboo Pole

2012-04-158:57 minutes
Bamboo Pole 1
Bamboo Pole 2
Bamboo Pole 3
Bamboo Pole 4

You have to admit that Toebinder is very inventive when it comes to tying up Trixie and here we see the latest results! A bamboo pole is used in this tie up and poor Trixie is absolutely helpless and so well gagged! Plenty of struggling and moaning!

Hogtied suspension

2012-04-0918 images
Hogtied suspension 0
Hogtied suspension 1
Hogtied suspension 2
Hogtied suspension 3
Hogtied suspension 4

Trixie is tied up so tight in a suspended hogtie! Secured with strong rope, ballgagged and toe-tied. She is suspended in the center of the bed with no chance of escape!