White Straightjacket

2020-12-18165 imagesBondage, Redhead, Rope Bondage
White Straightjacket 0
White Straightjacket 1
White Straightjacket 2
White Straightjacket 3
White Straightjacket 4

Here is the second part of the set with Amber. This is a bumper bonus set for Christmas featuring the lovely redhaired Amber who ties herself all the way into a white leather straightjacket. Photography by Johny Wonders.

Satin and Rope

2019-01-19Katie Danvers149 imagesBondage, Nylon
Satin and Rope 0
Satin and Rope 1
Satin and Rope 2
Satin and Rope 3
Satin and Rope 4

Here is another large set of screen grabs from a recent video featuring the lovely Katie Danvers wearing a satin top and black miniskirt with stockings, all tied up.

His Dream Shoot 2

2018-10-01Marilyn59 imagesBondage, Redhead
His Dream Shoot 2 0
His Dream Shoot 2 1
His Dream Shoot 2 2
His Dream Shoot 2 3
His Dream Shoot 2 4

Marilyn is all dressed up to take her exams but this is how she ended up after our resident villain and photographer saw her! Here in part 2 she is strictly hogtied and ball gagged. Our resident villain did a real good job !

Captive Thoughts

2017-12-29Lillie May53 imagesBlonde
Captive Thoughts 0
Captive Thoughts 1
Captive Thoughts 2
Captive Thoughts 3
Captive Thoughts 4

Lillie may lay on the bed reading her magazine when her thoughts wandered to a wild fantasy. I wonder what would happen if I was caught like this by a robber? Perhaps he would tie me up! Well looks like her wish came true guys!

Little black dress

2012-02-1726 images
Little black dress 0
Little black dress 1
Little black dress 2
Little black dress 3
Little black dress 4

B.B is wearing her little black dress but she's going nowhere because she is all tied up and gagged!