Towel Babe Hogtied

2018-08-18Alatns8:39 minutesBondage, Hogtie
Towel Babe Hogtied 1
Towel Babe Hogtied 2

Alatna is fresh out of the bath and all wrapped up in towels. So we just decided to put her into a strict rope hogtie! Watch her frantic struggling and enjoy!

Bathroom Surprise

2016-01-11Elaine5:25 minutesBondage
Bathroom Surprise 1
Bathroom Surprise 2
Bathroom Surprise 3
Bathroom Surprise 4

Elaine is surprised as she came out of her bathroom covered by towels and wearing pink socks. She is soon tightly bound and gagged with a blue ballgag in her mouth. She struggles frantically revealing her naked breasts as the towel falls away.