2021-05-09Tamara70 imagesBondage, Damsel In Distress2021
Mirrors 0
Mirrors 1
Mirrors 2
Mirrors 3
Mirrors 4

Tamara is tied sat on a chair with black tape and gagged. She is placed in front of a mirror so she is able to see all anles. Extra closeup shots added.

Christmas Abroad

2017-12-23Alatns3:18 minutesBondage, Brunette, Costume
Christmas Abroad 1
Christmas Abroad 2
Christmas Abroad 3
Christmas Abroad 4

The beautiful Alatns hails from the Czech Republic and if this is what Santa looks like over there I'm sure a few guys would like to find out. Here she is making her first appearance on the site all trussed up for Christmas.Watch her struggling to get free!

Meow Kitty!

2017-08-28Madalina91 imagesBondage
Meow Kitty! 0
Meow Kitty! 1
Meow Kitty! 2
Meow Kitty! 3
Meow Kitty! 4

Madalina is back and looking better than ever guys so enjoy this set with her tied up and gagged as the obedient kitten!

Captive Goth Chick

2016-11-24Madalina3:38 minutesBondage
Captive Goth Chick 1
Captive Goth Chick 2
Captive Goth Chick 3
Captive Goth Chick 4

This is a really exciting clip of Madalina shot by Davy UK where she is securely tied to a chair with red rope then stuff gagged and tight tape wrapped around to hold it in. Then watch her struggle frantically to escape!

Taped up Playmate

2015-04-253:25 minutesBondage
Taped up Playmate 1
Taped up Playmate 2
Taped up Playmate 3
Taped up Playmate 4

Lenah is wearing a white minidress and nylons. We see her securely taped up, gagged and fonled while she struggles on the chair  

The studio

2012-08-2755 images
The studio 0
The studio 1
The studio 2
The studio 3
The studio 4

Amelia Knight is cleaning out the studio when she is grabbed and tied up. Enjoy!

Muffled Sounds

2012-06-265:37 minutes
Muffled Sounds 1
Muffled Sounds 2
Muffled Sounds 3
Muffled Sounds 4

Dani is struggling hard against the tight tape that binds her to the chair and her muffled sounds cannot be heard outside the room due to the tight gag and layers of strong tape. Still wearing that silky blue top and leather miniskirt and boots she looks like a captive damsel from one of those old detective mags!

Tease and Tied

2012-06-2468 images
Tease and Tied 0
Tease and Tied 1
Tease and Tied 2
Tease and Tied 3
Tease and Tied 4

A great dual set all in one of Amelia Knight as the student tease and a our beautiful redhead all tied up in a tight hogtie!


2012-05-2472 images
Gotcha! 0
Gotcha! 1
Gotcha! 2
Gotcha! 3
Gotcha! 4

Amelia Knight is caught in the club house by a stalker who decides to tie her up and keep her for his own pleasure. He produces a camera and starts taking lots of pics of our lovely damsel, helpless,tied and gagged!

The Studio

2012-04-1811:03 minutes
The Studio 1
The Studio 2
The Studio 3
The Studio 4

Amelia Knight is cleaning up the studio when she is grabbed and tied. See her struggling and watch her attempts to escape!