Mustard and Toes

2021-02-018:05 minutesBlonde, Bondage, Hogtie
Mustard and Toes 1
Mustard and Toes 2

Sweet Cheeks is looking good struggling on the sofa wearing her yellow top and tight blue jeans. She is hogtied and ballgagged and her sexy feet wiggle against the tight rope.

So Sexy in Denim

2019-03-2346 imagesBondage
So Sexy in Denim 0
So Sexy in Denim 1
So Sexy in Denim 2
So Sexy in Denim 3
So Sexy in Denim 4

Paige Turner looks so sexy in what is left of her denim shorts and tightly tied and gagged by The Bad man. Photography by Jerry the Bad man

Sweater and Sock Bondage 2 0
Sweater and Sock Bondage 2 1
Sweater and Sock Bondage 2 2
Sweater and Sock Bondage 2 3
Sweater and Sock Bondage 2 4

Lillie May is all taped up wearing a pink sweater and pink and white knee socks.

Skinny Jeans

2017-11-21Robbyn30 imagesBondage, Sweater Fetish
Skinny Jeans 0
Skinny Jeans 1
Skinny Jeans 2
Skinny Jeans 3
Skinny Jeans 4

Robbyn is wearing skin tight skinny jeans and a sweater. She is wearing sexy white socks and is tied up tight with ropes into a nice hogtie       

Turtle Neck Dangle

2017-05-15Flick45 imagesCaning
Turtle Neck Dangle 0
Turtle Neck Dangle 1
Turtle Neck Dangle 2
Turtle Neck Dangle 3
Turtle Neck Dangle 4

Flick is tied dangling from the ceiling wearing her red turtleneck sweater. Ropes and a gag is mandatory!