Patty Bound and Gagged

2020-06-119:59 minutesAmateur, Role Play, Rope Bondage
Patty Bound and Gagged 1
Patty Bound and Gagged 2
Patty Bound and Gagged 3
Patty Bound and Gagged 4

Patty is bound and gagged on the bed by Korva. Another Brazillian bondage special

The Attic Compendium

2016-08-174:28 minutesBondage
The Attic Compendium 1
The Attic Compendium 2
The Attic Compendium 3
The Attic Compendium 4

We are proud to present The Attic Compendium featuring the photography of Johnny Wonders at altgirlsbound. You will see just some of the lovely damsels in distress that will soon be appearing on a regular basis here at Blackfoxbound UK. Enjoy this exciting compilation and look out for more to come.

A Puzzle Too Far

2016-03-17Silky4:34 minutesBondage
A Puzzle Too Far 1
A Puzzle Too Far 2
A Puzzle Too Far 3
A Puzzle Too Far 4

Silky looks real sexy lounging on her bed just wearing a shirt and panties. She is busy completing a puzzle in her book when she is surprised by our resident villain who soon has her hands tied behind her back and with her feet tightly tied together she is left at his mercy! Finally she is put into a tight hogtie and left to struggle! Their is some great banter between the tied up Silky and our resident villain which makes this video clip extra sexy! I knew there had to be a reason why he didn't gag her!

Secretary in Peril

2016-02-10Madalina7:29 minutesBondage
Secretary in Peril 1
Secretary in Peril 2
Secretary in Peril 3
Secretary in Peril 4

Madalina plays the Damsel in Distress so well and here she is in Secretary in Peril where she is seen struggling frantically against tight ropes and tied to the office chair. She has multiple pieces of tape stuck over her mouth to keep her quiet!