Spreaderbar Blues

2020-08-28Adrienna49 imagesAmateur, Blonde, Bondage
Spreaderbar Blues 0
Spreaderbar Blues 1
Spreaderbar Blues 2
Spreaderbar Blues 3
Spreaderbar Blues 4

This is a must see set of Adrienna with this gorgeous blonde tightly ballgagged and drooling and legs tied apart on a spreader bar!

Naked Landing

2017-11-26Madalina62 imagesBondage, Milf, Redhead
Naked Landing 0
Naked Landing 1
Naked Landing 2
Naked Landing 3
Naked Landing 4

Madalina is in a bind on the landing all tied up with red rope and gagged! Naked she poses a delightful sight. enjoy!

Captive Bondage Devices

2016-01-06Madalina73 imagesBondage
Captive Bondage Devices 0
Captive Bondage Devices 1
Captive Bondage Devices 2
Captive Bondage Devices 3
Captive Bondage Devices 4

Here we find Madalina in some pretty captive bondage devices photographed by Pat wearing a tight arm binder and leg spreader bar and collared and gagged.

Madalina in a Fix

2015-11-14Madalina46 imagesBondage
Madalina in a Fix 0
Madalina in a Fix 1
Madalina in a Fix 2
Madalina in a Fix 3
Madalina in a Fix 4

Madalina is in quite a fix as she is restrained with a leg spreader bar and she is collared and wearing a full leather gag. Those white stockings and panties are on display!

Bondage Harem 3

2015-07-09Madalina45 imagesBondage
Bondage Harem 3 0
Bondage Harem 3 1
Bondage Harem 3 2
Bondage Harem 3 3
Bondage Harem 3 4

This is the final set of pictures in the Blue Harem series featuring our lovely Madalina. This set has been specially timed in honour of Madalinas Birthday!! and I am sure you will all join me in wishing her a happy Birthday for 10/07/2015. We are so pleased to have Madalina as a model on our site and she can also be seen on a regular basis on Bound Kathy and Friends. Enjoy!

Blue Harem

2015-05-05Madalina4:07 minutesBondage
Blue Harem 1
Blue Harem 2
Blue Harem 3
Blue Harem 4

Madalina is dressed in a real sexy blue silk Harem costume and is chained to the wall with a spreader bar keeping her feet wide apart. Gagged and struggling she is fondled with a leather tickler. Filmed by Captive Kink on location.

Wedding Night 2

2014-11-15Mrs L75 imagesBondage
Wedding Night 2 0
Wedding Night 2 1
Wedding Night 2 2
Wedding Night 2 3
Wedding Night 2 4

Mrs L's Bondage Wedding Night continues with her more undressed and more restrained! Great underwear bondage shots! Enjoy!

Black & Tan

2014-03-05Adrienna52 imagesBondage
Black & Tan 0
Black & Tan 1
Black & Tan 2
Black & Tan 3
Black & Tan 4

Adrienna is wearing just a short black dress and tan pantyhose and also a spreader bar between her legs and a collar. A chain connects the two leaving her in quite a predicament. A large ball gag keeps her quiet!

Little grey Dress

2013-07-11Adrienna34 imagesBondage
Little grey Dress 0
Little grey Dress 1
Little grey Dress 2
Little grey Dress 3
Little grey Dress 4

Adrienna looks so cute wearing her little grey dress! not that we see much of it because she is tied by her wrists to a spreader bar! A nice big ball gag is added for good measure.

The Bondage session

2012-02-1178 images
The Bondage session 0
The Bondage session 1
The Bondage session 2
The Bondage session 3
The Bondage session 4

See River Taylor in her first Bondage session. She is bound topless with nipple clamps and a red ballgag, ending in a strict hogtie and harness bit gag.