Rope Revival

2020-09-12Amelia Knight47 imagesAmateur, Rope Bondage, Secretary
Rope Revival 0
Rope Revival 1
Rope Revival 2
Rope Revival 3
Rope Revival 4

Amelia Knight is featured here in some good old rope bondage. A selection of the best remastered by Lars

Halloween Tale

2018-10-21Amelia Knight34 imagesBondage, Redhead
Halloween Tale 0
Halloween Tale 1
Halloween Tale 2
Halloween Tale 3
Halloween Tale 4

Amelia Knight plays the secretary and the nurse in this Halloween picture set so enjoy guys!

Loving It

2018-10-19Lexi63 imagesBondage
Loving It 0
Loving It 1
Loving It 2
Loving It 3
Loving It 4

Lexi really enjoys the feel of tight ropes around her body holding her secure and helpless. Now this is what I call relaxing! Photography by Davy UK

A Secretarys Time Out

2018-10-09Lexi50 imagesBondage
A Secretarys Time Out 0
A Secretarys Time Out 1
A Secretarys Time Out 2
A Secretarys Time Out 3
A Secretarys Time Out 4

Lexi is working late at the motel with the boss and asks him for some time out! Anything to oblige he ties her to a chair unable to move. How's that for time out he remarked? Photography credits go to Davy UK

Office Justice

2017-12-27Robbyn34 imagesAmateur, Bondage, Secretary
Office Justice 0
Office Justice 1
Office Justice 2
Office Justice 3
Office Justice 4

Our sweet secretary Robbyn has upset her boss so she is taught a lesson by being tied up and left in the corner to think about it!

A Bumper Christmas

2017-12-17Amelia Knight96 imagesBondage, Costume, Uniform
A Bumper Christmas 0
A Bumper Christmas 1
A Bumper Christmas 2
A Bumper Christmas 3
A Bumper Christmas 4

This set is a must for collectors! Nearly 100 pictures of the lovely Amelia Knight featuring carefully edited shoot photos of our lovely girl at Christmas plus 10 posters and a bonus set of Amelia as the naughty secretary!

Armbinder Hogtie

2017-11-03Madalina28 imagesBondage
Armbinder Hogtie 0
Armbinder Hogtie 1
Armbinder Hogtie 2
Armbinder Hogtie 3
Armbinder Hogtie 4

Madalina is trying out her new arm binder used in a hogtie. Check out this cute redhead secretary with glasses! She won't be doing much work today!

Lunchtime Respite

2016-12-27Snow42 imagesBondage
Lunchtime Respite 0
Lunchtime Respite 1
Lunchtime Respite 2
Lunchtime Respite 3
Lunchtime Respite 4

Our sexy secretary Snow is due for a lunch break but I don't think she will get much eating done like this! Great idea for office lunchtime!! Photography courtesy of Johnny Wonders.

Secretary silenced

2012-03-3085 images
Secretary silenced 0
Secretary silenced 1
Secretary silenced 2
Secretary silenced 3
Secretary silenced 4

Secretary Wednesday can't stop talking instead of working so the boss decides to teach her a lesson. He soon has her tied then proceeds to stuff a cloth in her mouth and wind several turns of thick material arround her head securing the cloth and making sure that she keeps quiet!!! To further humiliate her he opens her top to show off her huge breasts!!