Christmas again!

2019-12-23Amelia Knight30 imagesBondage, Rope Bondage, Uniform
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Christmas again! 1
Christmas again! 2
Christmas again! 3
Christmas again! 4

A completely re-mastered set of Amelia Knight bound for Christmas

24 Days to Christmas

2019-11-30Gothic Kitten, Mada-Rose, and Trixie14:18 minutesBondage, Hogtie, Rope Bondage
24 Days to Christmas 1
24 Days to Christmas 2
24 Days to Christmas 3
24 Days to Christmas 4

Here is the third offering of Christmas bondage movies featuring Gothic Kitten, Mada-Rose and Trixie. Enjoy!!

A Bumper Christmas

2017-12-17Amelia Knight96 imagesBondage, Costume, Uniform
A Bumper Christmas 0
A Bumper Christmas 1
A Bumper Christmas 2
A Bumper Christmas 3
A Bumper Christmas 4

This set is a must for collectors! Nearly 100 pictures of the lovely Amelia Knight featuring carefully edited shoot photos of our lovely girl at Christmas plus 10 posters and a bonus set of Amelia as the naughty secretary!

Elf in a bind

2012-05-195:23 minutes
Elf in a bind 1
Elf in a bind 2
Elf in a bind 3
Elf in a bind 4

Christmas comes but once a year!! So here is the long awaited movie clip of Erin our cute little elf all tied up with nowhere to go! Watch her struggle and listen to her moaning through her tight gag! Merry Christmas!!

Cute Santa tied

2012-05-13102 images
Cute Santa tied 0
Cute Santa tied 1
Cute Santa tied 2
Cute Santa tied 3
Cute Santa tied 4

If Santa looked like this, most guys would be checking their presents on Christmas morning. Here's our treat for you! Erin is our cute Santa and she is grabbed by the evil Grinch and left tied up and gagged by the Christmas tree as he plunders her belongings!

Cute Santa Tied

2012-03-055:21 minutes
Cute Santa Tied 1
Cute Santa Tied 2
Cute Santa Tied 3
Cute Santa Tied 4

Bet you wish it was Christmas every day guys! Especially if you got to see Erin looking like this! Our cute Santa Erin is really in trouble as the naughty grinch grabs her and ties her up at the foot of the tree. Leaving her gagged and bound he makes off with her keys and the sack of presents.