The Lady is Bound

2020-11-0550 imagesBondage, Redhead, Rope Bondage
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The Lady of the house is taken by surprise and ends up in a restrictive play session with ropes.

Triple Bound

2015-09-22Madalina74 imagesBondage
Triple Bound 0
Triple Bound 1
Triple Bound 2
Triple Bound 3
Triple Bound 4

Here is another great set of Madalina shot by Captive Kink in which our lovely damsel in distress is bound 3 separate ways. In part of the shoot she is fastened into a blue leather type jacket with leather blindfold and gag. In another scene she is fastened to a bed with a stocks like headboard and then there is a great mummification session as well. Plenty for the bondage enthusiast to get excited about.