Modern Art

2019-08-03Mada-Rose33 imagesBondage, Outdoors, Redhead
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Modern Art 4

The gaffiti looks colorful but Mada-Rose looks better all tightly tied to a post and ball gagged wearing her uniform. Photography credits to Davy UK

Pole Binding

2017-09-03Trixie52 imagesBondage
Pole Binding 0
Pole Binding 1
Pole Binding 2
Pole Binding 3
Pole Binding 4

Well you have probably guessed we are not binding the pole but Toebinder has been binding poor Trixie to it. Dressed in just a p[air of denim shorts and ball gagged and nipple clamped this makes a good collectors set of Trixie. You will only find Trixie on this site now as her site is closing.       

Two Self-Tied

2017-02-1248 imagesBondage
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Two Self-Tied 1
Two Self-Tied 2
Two Self-Tied 3
Two Self-Tied 4

What is better than one pretty damsel tying herself up? Answer is two of them! Here are Sammie B and Nicky Noo, one cuffed and gagged and fixed to a pole and one wrapped in cling film!

Alex Pole Bound

2014-10-1246 imagesBondage
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Alex Pole Bound 1
Alex Pole Bound 2
Alex Pole Bound 3
Alex Pole Bound 4

Alex makes her debut on the site where good use has been made of that lovely chrome pole. She looks so good tied to it with a cleave gag in her mouth.


2012-05-02Amelia Knight9:01 minutes
Zombie 1
Zombie 2
Zombie 3
Zombie 4

Our Queen of Haloween! the lovely Amelia Knight plays the part of a Zombie tied to a pole and gagged! Watch her writhe and struggle against her bonds as she twists arround the pole!