Table top Blonde

2020-10-13239 imagesBlonde, Bondage, Hogtie
Table top Blonde 0
Table top Blonde 1
Table top Blonde 2
Table top Blonde 3
Table top Blonde 4

Bianca is a pretty sight dressed in a slinky mini dress and hogtied on the table top and securely gagged. Bumper shots from the film. Contains promotional material from Bound Brazil.

Golden Hogtie

2020-08-2562 imagesBondage, Hogtie, Tattoo
Golden Hogtie 0
Golden Hogtie 1
Golden Hogtie 2
Golden Hogtie 3
Golden Hogtie 4

Tina is all tied up in a rope hogtie wearing a short golden dress. Photography by Johnny Wonders

Foxys Favourite 2

2018-12-06Ivy50 imagesBondage
Foxys Favourite 2 0
Foxys Favourite 2 1
Foxys Favourite 2 2
Foxys Favourite 2 3
Foxys Favourite 2 4

Here is part 2 of Foxys Favourite featuring the gorgeous Ivy in her green minidress all trussed up into tight hogtie and a black ball gag in her mouth.

Taped up Playmate

2015-04-2957 imagesBondage
Taped up Playmate 0
Taped up Playmate 1
Taped up Playmate 2
Taped up Playmate 3
Taped up Playmate 4

Those of you who have watched the video clip of Taped up Playmate will no doubt enjoy these pictures of the lovely Lenah all taped up and photographed in various positions wearing that sexy white minidress and nylons.

This is real

2012-07-1635 images
This is real 0
This is real 1
This is real 2
This is real 3
This is real 4

Karina is home alone wearing a yellow minidress and watching a bondage movie. I wish that was me she mused! Suddenly she is grabbed and tied up so tight and firmly gagged. This is real she thought as she struggled in her bonds! Be careful what you wish for girls!

Elf in a bind

2012-05-195:23 minutes
Elf in a bind 1
Elf in a bind 2
Elf in a bind 3
Elf in a bind 4

Christmas comes but once a year!! So here is the long awaited movie clip of Erin our cute little elf all tied up with nowhere to go! Watch her struggle and listen to her moaning through her tight gag! Merry Christmas!!

Babysitter blues

2012-05-1040 images
Babysitter blues 0
Babysitter blues 1
Babysitter blues 2
Babysitter blues 3
Babysitter blues 4

Karina turned up for her babysitting apointment wearing a sexy green minidress. Seems the had their own plans for her and she was soon tightly bound and gagged and unable to escape!

Don't make a sound

2012-05-0588 images
Don't make a sound 0
Don't make a sound 1
Don't make a sound 2
Don't make a sound 3
Don't make a sound 4

Erin is preparing a meal in her kitchen when she is surprised by an intruder. He warns her not to scream or shout for help and then proceeds to tie and gag her. She pleads with him to let her go but he ignores her.. He enjoys seeing her tied up, she looks so good in her pretty mini-dress.

Randy Star captured

2012-03-2880 images
Randy Star captured 0
Randy Star captured 1
Randy Star captured 2
Randy Star captured 3
Randy Star captured 4

The story continues from Model Tied to find Randy-Star held captive and tightly trussed up on the sofa in a strict hogtie. She is gagged tightly to keep her quiet and her short mini-dress rides up as she struggles!!

Model Tied

2012-03-2780 images
Model Tied 0
Model Tied 1
Model Tied 2
Model Tied 3
Model Tied 4

Randy-Star makes her first solo bondage debut wearing the shortest of slinky silver mini dresses!! Here she is expecting a glamour model shoot when she suddenly finds herself bound tightly in ropes and completely helpless!! What will happen to this gorgeous girl?!!