Tough Love 3

2021-01-31Mada-Rose109 imagesBondage, Maid Fetish, Redhead
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Tough Love 3 1
Tough Love 3 2
Tough Love 3 3
Tough Love 3 4

The final set of pics from the video featuring Mada-Rose as the maid in trouble

Cuff Lesson

2021-01-26136 imagesBondage, Fetish, Handcuffs
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Cuff Lesson 1
Cuff Lesson 2
Cuff Lesson 3
Cuff Lesson 4

Ethel is showing her fans just how to cuff oneself to a chair. Hancuffs.Leg cuffs and Chair bondage. Super shots from the film. more to come! Enjoy

Asylum Bound

2015-05-12Madalina50 imagesBondage
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Asylum Bound 2
Asylum Bound 3
Asylum Bound 4

Madalina wanted so much to try out the new straight jacket and so here she is all fastened up in it with her breasts popping out and her feet in cuffs. A ring gag is inserted in her mouth! All credit to Captive-Kink who was the photographer on this shoot.