Latex and Tape

2018-05-25Imogen31 imagesBondage, Latex, Redhead
Latex and Tape 0
Latex and Tape 1
Latex and Tape 2
Latex and Tape 3
Latex and Tape 4

Our lovely redhead Imogen is in trouble again. Here she is wearing black latex rubber dress and arm length latex gloves to match. Silver gaffa tape binds her hands and feet and keeps her quiet. Enjoy this lovely latex fetish set shot by Davy UK. You will find a couple of black and white and vintage photos to see the contrast. Enjoy!

Latex Girl Power

2018-05-0878 imagesBondage, Brunette, Latex
Latex Girl Power 0
Latex Girl Power 1
Latex Girl Power 2
Latex Girl Power 3
Latex Girl Power 4

Please welcome our latest sexy model to the site in the form of Ivy all dressed in black latex and green cape coming to the rescue. O dear guys it looks like she is the one who needs rescuing. All chained up to a pole and tightly gagged!

Ball Gagged Temptress

2017-11-11Madalina31 imagesBondage
Ball Gagged Temptress 0
Ball Gagged Temptress 1
Ball Gagged Temptress 2
Ball Gagged Temptress 3
Ball Gagged Temptress 4

Madalina is dressed in red latex and ball gagged! Photography by Captive Kink.

Latex Girl Cuffed

2016-09-1039 imagesBondage
Latex Girl Cuffed 0
Latex Girl Cuffed 1
Latex Girl Cuffed 2
Latex Girl Cuffed 3
Latex Girl Cuffed 4

Amber is all dressed in green latex and thigh length black latex leggings and white heels! She is ball gagged and hands and feet cuffed. Finally she ends up in a cuffed chain hogtie! Photography by Johnny Wonders


2012-09-1649 images
Karate! 0
Karate! 1
Karate! 2
Karate! 3
Karate! 4

Amelia Knight is back with this exciting picture set with her bound and gagged wearing her Karate gear! Now be honest, Are you looking at the green dragon or our tasty damsel in distress?

Skin tight

2012-04-2238 images
Skin tight 0
Skin tight 1
Skin tight 2
Skin tight 3
Skin tight 4

Gotcha!! laughed her captor as Amelia Knight found herself tightly tied and gagged wearing a skin tight pair of black pants and tight fitting top. Let's see you get out of that one!

Disco Queen

2012-03-247:05 minutes
Disco Queen 1
Disco Queen 2
Disco Queen 3
Disco Queen 4

Our sexy Redhead disco queen is really in trouble now! Amelia Knight is captured and tied tightly wearing skin tight shiny trousers and a dazzling pink top! Check out the 3 gags that her captor treats her to!Watch her struggle!