Green Fantasy

2020-06-1630 imagesAmateur, Bondage, Rope Bondage
Green Fantasy 0
Green Fantasy 1
Green Fantasy 2
Green Fantasy 3
Green Fantasy 4

A lovely Brazillian girl wearing a green dress all tied up and gagged!

Erins Hogties 3

2020-01-25Erin30 imagesBlonde, Bondage, Hogtie
Erins Hogties 3 0
Erins Hogties 3 1
Erins Hogties 3 2
Erins Hogties 3 3
Erins Hogties 3 4

A third set of superb hogtie pics from Erin. The complete sets and videos can be found on site.

The Girl on the Bed

2017-07-2780 imagesBondage
The Girl on the Bed 0
The Girl on the Bed 1
The Girl on the Bed 2
The Girl on the Bed 3
The Girl on the Bed 4

we turned the corner into the bedroom to find a naked girl on the bed tied up and gagged. Michelle looks good bound with rope and a knotted gag in her mouth and yes, we thought to finish off with a hogtie!

Have a go Joe

2017-04-0735 imagesBondage
Have a go Joe 0
Have a go Joe 1
Have a go Joe 2
Have a go Joe 3
Have a go Joe 4

Have a go Joe rides into a small Mexican town and captures the unsuspecting Rocio. Here we see our damsel in distress after Joe had rode out of town! Trussed up with rope and gagged wearing her blue bra and panties

Have a nice Day

2013-05-0461 images
Have a nice Day 0
Have a nice Day 1
Have a nice Day 2
Have a nice Day 3
Have a nice Day 4

Adrienna is wearing blue nylons and is hogtied with a Velcro strap and ball gagged. More bondage gear is applied to make this a very interesting day for our cute damsel in distress.