Mustard and Toes

2021-02-018:05 minutesBlonde, Bondage, Hogtie
Mustard and Toes 1
Mustard and Toes 2

Sweet Cheeks is looking good struggling on the sofa wearing her yellow top and tight blue jeans. She is hogtied and ballgagged and her sexy feet wiggle against the tight rope.

Epic Bondage Time

2019-10-07Erin86 imagesBlonde, Bondage, Rope Bondage
Epic Bondage Time 0
Epic Bondage Time 1
Epic Bondage Time 2
Epic Bondage Time 3
Epic Bondage Time 4

Here is Erin in some of her early bondage! Just look at the facial expression and real damsel in distress look!

Stop Who's There! 2

2018-04-16Lillie May48 imagesBlonde, Bondage, Hogtie
Stop Who's There! 2 0
Stop Who's There! 2 1
Stop Who's There! 2 2
Stop Who's There! 2 3
Stop Who's There! 2 4

Lillie May enters the house expecting trouble and shouts out, cautiously looking around and then she was roughly grabbed and tied up wearing her black mini dress. Here in part 2 she is put into a strict hogtie and ball gagged!

Personal Insurance

2018-03-15Dakkota5:21 minutesBlonde, Bondage, Hogtie
Personal Insurance 1
Personal Insurance 2
Personal Insurance 3
Personal Insurance 4

Dakkota is so sexy in her tight denim jeans and white satin top! Here we find her frantically struggling against tight ropes in a strict hogtie. She is gagged with a white cleave gag

Gamers Game Pics

2017-01-13Snow34 imagesBondage
Gamers Game Pics 0
Gamers Game Pics 1
Gamers Game Pics 2
Gamers Game Pics 3
Gamers Game Pics 4

Snow will not be playing today as she is a bit tied up with lots of rope into a tight hogtie and ball gagged. Photography courtesy of Johnny Wonders

The Villian Takes All

2016-04-21Katie C3:23 minutesBondage
The Villian Takes All 1
The Villian Takes All 2
The Villian Takes All 3
The Villian Takes All 4

Our resident villain has tied up poor Katie C in a nice tight hogtie while he searches for valuables to steal. There is plenty of sexy struggling and banter between Katie and the villain as he taunts her and she in return struggles and curses him!

Final Puzzle Too Far

2016-03-08Silky60 imagesBondage
Final Puzzle Too Far 0
Final Puzzle Too Far 1
Final Puzzle Too Far 2
Final Puzzle Too Far 3
Final Puzzle Too Far 4

Silky looks real sexy lounging on her bed just wearing a shirt and panties. She is busy completing a puzzle in her book when she is surprised by our resident villain who soon has her hands tied behind her back and with her feet tightly tied together she is left at his mercy! Finally she is put into a tight hogtie and left to struggle!

Her Little Black Dress 2

2016-02-13Katie C38 imagesBondage
Her Little Black Dress 2 0
Her Little Black Dress 2 1
Her Little Black Dress 2 2
Her Little Black Dress 2 3
Her Little Black Dress 2 4

Katie C looks so sexy in her little black dress and our resident villain soon has her arms and wrists tightly tied behind her back rendering her helpless. In part 2 she is tightly hogtied in that sexy black dress!

Cozyropes 2

2015-11-23Katie C78 imagesBondage
Cozyropes 2 0
Cozyropes 2 1
Cozyropes 2 2
Cozyropes 2 3
Cozyropes 2 4

Here is part 2 of Cozyropes with our blonde damsel in distress Katie C completely tied with rope in her grey bottoms and shirt top. Plenty of bare feet shots and a crotch rope.

Katie Jeans Bound 2

2015-06-15Katie C47 imagesBondage
Katie Jeans Bound 2 0
Katie Jeans Bound 2 1
Katie Jeans Bound 2 2
Katie Jeans Bound 2 3
Katie Jeans Bound 2 4

Katie C is all trussedup with tight white rope and her hands and feet tied together in front. She is wearing sexy tight blue denim jeans and a flimsy white top. Now in part 2 she is tied tighter into a barefoot hogtie and looking oh so cute!.