Doe-eyed Girl Hogtied

2019-06-04 Randy Star 11:14 minutes Bondage, Brunette, Hogtie
Doe-eyed Girl Hogtied 1
Doe-eyed Girl Hogtied 2
Doe-eyed Girl Hogtied 3
Doe-eyed Girl Hogtied 4

Randy Star is the most adorable girl next door model with gorgeous wide eyes. Here she is seen struggling hogtied in three different scenes. My all time favourite is the last one wearing that slinky silver dress and struggling in the tight hogtie revealing some lovely assets!

Dream Girl Bound

2018-02-19 Alatns 6:15 minutes Bondage, Fetish, Hogtie
Dream Girl Bound 1
Dream Girl Bound 2
Dream Girl Bound 3
Dream Girl Bound 4

Alatns is caught here all trussed up in a nice hogtie wearing red sexy lingerie. Watch her struggling and hear her moaning through the ball gag.

Snow in Red Ropes

2017-09-23 Snow 8:34 minutes Bondage
Snow in Red Ropes 1
Snow in Red Ropes 2

Snow looks so sexy when she ties herself up and fixes a nice red ball gag in her mouth! Now I don't know if she cleverly completed the hogtie but I will leave that to your imagination. Suffice it to say she puts up a very sexy struggle against the red ropes. Photography credits go to Johnny Wonders.