9 Muses

2017-12-2679:15 minutesBondage, Domination, Hogtie
9 Muses 1
9 Muses 2
9 Muses 3
9 Muses 4

A man wakes up not knowing who he is...Little does he know that he is in for the night of his life. While being persuaded to trust a man, which he knows nothing about suddenly his life becomes a blur. His vindictive wife has all of his current flings and now he must reluctantly watch these people at the mercy of this malicious woman as she plays a kinky bondage game with all of them, however, things are not as they appear...

The Promotion

2017-10-17Amelia Knight65 imagesBondage
The Promotion 0
The Promotion 1
The Promotion 2
The Promotion 3
The Promotion 4

Welcome to the first of a series of Erotic Photo Stories featuring the lovely Amelia Knight. Check out this first one called the Promotion where she plays the part of the secretary and just see what she has to do to please her boss!

Tied and Fondled

2017-04-205:53 minutesBondage
Tied and Fondled 1
Tied and Fondled 2
Tied and Fondled 3
Tied and Fondled 4

Watch our sexy Mexican girl Rocio as she is tied, gagged and fondled. The perfect damsel in distress tied up and gagged with a cleave gag then a nice red ball gag. Plenty of struggling, fondling and sporting a sexy short dress and pink panties!

The Big Mix

2017-03-10Mrs L61 imagesBondage
The Big Mix 0
The Big Mix 1
The Big Mix 2
The Big Mix 3
The Big Mix 4

Here is Mrs L in a final big mix of bondage and glamour shots for your viewing pleasure. We would like to thank Mrs L for appearing on our sites over the last few years

Revenge of the Masked Venetian - Widescreen

2016-10-1736:20 minutesBondage
Revenge of the Masked Venetian - Widescreen 1
Revenge of the Masked Venetian - Widescreen 2
Revenge of the Masked Venetian - Widescreen 3
Revenge of the Masked Venetian - Widescreen 4

The sexy and beautiful Dani Dare stars in Revenge of the Masked Venetian. The psychotic Masked Venetian doesn't forget when he's been played with. The Make-up artist Chandra tried to play him for a fool and now he's after everyone that she knows, and his first victim is our sexy damsel in distress Christina. Watch as this madman binds her, ball gags her, and duct tapes all her limbs for the pure enjoyment of seeing her struggle and attempt an escape. It is a futile attempt however and this dual personality psycho has a special ending in store for her pretty little head.

Perfect Captive

2014-11-17Madalina4:26 minutesBondage
Perfect Captive 1
Perfect Captive 2
Perfect Captive 3
Perfect Captive 4

Madalina is just the Perfect Captive! This sexy redhead is always in trouble and always getting tied up and here she ends up in a great chairtie and breast bondage. This is a real frantic struggling clip with Madalina cleave gagged then tape gagged! A must to watch!

Amelia Gagged 2

2014-07-03Amelia Knight29 imagesBondage
Amelia Gagged 2 0
Amelia Gagged 2 1
Amelia Gagged 2 2
Amelia Gagged 2 3
Amelia Gagged 2 4

Part 2 of some great pictures featuring Amelia Knight gagged!

Comic Strip Bondage

2014-04-18Amelia Knight25 imagesBondage
Comic Strip Bondage 0
Comic Strip Bondage 1
Comic Strip Bondage 2
Comic Strip Bondage 3
Comic Strip Bondage 4

Putting words to bondage pics is fun! Check out these poses of Amelia Knight in some pretty tight situations!


2013-12-28Amelia Knight6:21 minutesBondage
Corsets 1
Corsets 2
Corsets 3
Corsets 4

Farewell 2013!! Here is a great compendium of superb corset bondage clips featuring Amelia Knight over the years.