Needing Attention

2018-05-23 Mada-Rose 31 images Bondage, Redhead
Needing Attention 0
Needing Attention 1
Needing Attention 2
Needing Attention 3
Needing Attention 4

Mada-Rose is really left in a spot. Chained up and tape gagged waiting to see what came next!

Taped up Jogger Struggling

2018-05-18 Alatns 4:43 minutes Bondage, Hogtie, Uniform
Taped up Jogger Struggling 1
Taped up Jogger Struggling 2
Taped up Jogger Struggling 3
Taped up Jogger Struggling 4

Alatns arrives home from her morning jog to be surprised by an intruder who soon starts taping her up with wide silver tape. With the amount of tape she has wrapped around her and some keeping her quiet she won't be going anywhere in a hurry. Watch her struggle and try to cut the tape with a pair of scissors

Taped up Jogger 2

2018-05-18 Alatns 58 images Bondage, Hogtie, Uniform
Taped up Jogger 2 0
Taped up Jogger 2 1
Taped up Jogger 2 2
Taped up Jogger 2 3
Taped up Jogger 2 4

Alatns gets even more taped up in this final part of the shoot and tape gagged. Enjoy