Too Busy

2021-02-085:20 minutesBondage, Redhead, Rope Bondage
Too Busy 1
Too Busy 2
Too Busy 3
Too Busy 4

Julia Lemos is too busy to come to the phone. In fact she is a bit tied up and gagged at the moment and struggling madly to try and escape

Framed 2

2015-12-24Madalina91 imagesBondage
Framed 2 0
Framed 2 1
Framed 2 2
Framed 2 3
Framed 2 4
Madalina is in trouble again! This time she has been secured into a frame device which certainly holds her fast. Well gagged and red bottomed the photographer on the day Pat caught her just right. Now enjoy part 2 of this set featuring our Christmas Day girl! and watch how fast she has lost her clothes in this set! A real bumper set for Christmas day. Merry Christmas Madalina and Merry Christmas to all our viewers!

Amelia Classic Gag Set 2

2015-10-30Amelia Knight42 imagesBondage
Amelia Classic Gag Set 2 0
Amelia Classic Gag Set 2 1
Amelia Classic Gag Set 2 2
Amelia Classic Gag Set 2 3
Amelia Classic Gag Set 2 4
Check out some of the finest pics of Amelia knight gagged! This girl has produced some awesome bondage shoots in her career and we hope she may be back again one day!