Socks and Locks

2021-04-21Marilyn75 imagesBondage, Damsel In Distress, Handcuffs
Socks and Locks 0
Socks and Locks 1
Socks and Locks 2
Socks and Locks 3
Socks and Locks 4

Marilyn is captured wearing bra and panties and secured with steel cuffs wearing long socks.

Thoroughly Modern Madalina

2016-12-30Madalina47 imagesBondage
Thoroughly Modern Madalina 0
Thoroughly Modern Madalina 1
Thoroughly Modern Madalina 2
Thoroughly Modern Madalina 3
Thoroughly Modern Madalina 4

Madalina makes the perfect classic Damsel in Distress and here we see her dressed in a red corset with black bra and black stockings. Apart from that not much else except for loads of rope binding her tightly to a chair and white tape accross her mouth! Enjoy!

Karina Hogtied in Sneakers

2016-08-26Karina40 imagesBondage
Karina Hogtied in Sneakers 0
Karina Hogtied in Sneakers 1
Karina Hogtied in Sneakers 2
Karina Hogtied in Sneakers 3
Karina Hogtied in Sneakers 4

Here we find Karina in a bit of a fix!! Dressed in a blue denim dress she is tightly tied with rope and her mouth is packed and a cloth to gag her. She is wearing sneakers and now we can enjoy watching her being tightly tied into a strict hogtie. Watch this lovely Mexican girl

Tied Bottom Up Finale

2016-08-08Lola Delores47 imagesBondage
Tied Bottom Up Finale 0
Tied Bottom Up Finale 1
Tied Bottom Up Finale 2
Tied Bottom Up Finale 3
Tied Bottom Up Finale 4

Lola Delores looks real cute surprised and tied with her hands behind her back wearing just a bra, suspender belt and G-string. Now in the Finale see he trussed up tighter and gagged!

Bondage Harem 3

2015-07-09Madalina45 imagesBondage
Bondage Harem 3 0
Bondage Harem 3 1
Bondage Harem 3 2
Bondage Harem 3 3
Bondage Harem 3 4

This is the final set of pictures in the Blue Harem series featuring our lovely Madalina. This set has been specially timed in honour of Madalinas Birthday!! and I am sure you will all join me in wishing her a happy Birthday for 10/07/2015. We are so pleased to have Madalina as a model on our site and she can also be seen on a regular basis on Bound Kathy and Friends. Enjoy!

Blue Harem

2015-06-30Madalina81 imagesBondage
Blue Harem 0
Blue Harem 1
Blue Harem 2
Blue Harem 3
Blue Harem 4

Many thanks to the expertise of photographer Captive Kink in Part 2 of Blue Harem featuring our lovely Harem girl Madalina. Here we find her still dressed in her blue harem attire but wearing a steel collar and a suspension gag. An intricate metal framework is attatched to the collar and forms a very effective spreader bar and wrists restrainer. Great photography and fantastic modelling from our lovely Madalina!

Babysitter Blues 2

2015-06-02Kacie James51 imagesBondage
Babysitter Blues 2 0
Babysitter Blues 2 1
Babysitter Blues 2 2
Babysitter Blues 2 3
Babysitter Blues 2 4

Our gorgeous girl next door Kacie James always seems to end up in trouble and this set is no exception. She thought babysitting the twin teenagers would be fun! That is untill they handed her a coil of rope and said, We are going to tie you up! They soon have her trussed up! Now in part 2 they have more fun by securing her with even more ropes and putting her in to a tight ball tie. You wait till I get my hands on you she shouted at them! You won't be doing that in a hurry they laughed as they secured a knotted gag in her mouth!

Rolling on the River

2015-05-27Trixie53 imagesBondage
Rolling on the River 0
Rolling on the River 1
Rolling on the River 2
Rolling on the River 3
Rolling on the River 4

Here is Tixie looking so sexy tied up in lots of rope! This set was shot by Toebinder on location on the Mississipi River. Enjoy!

A Sticky Request

2015-05-19Madalina20 imagesBondage
A Sticky Request 0
A Sticky Request 1
A Sticky Request 2
A Sticky Request 3
A Sticky Request 4

A viewer recently requested to see some of our models taped up and mummified and so thanks to this small set shot by Jim of Madalina we can oblige. There will be two more similar sets coming soon of Lenah and Bounty. Enjoy!

Asylum Bound

2015-05-13Madalina6:21 minutesBondage
Asylum Bound 1
Asylum Bound 2
Asylum Bound 3
Asylum Bound 4

Madalina is wearing a white straight jacket with holes allowing her breasts to pop through. She is gagged by a ring gag and is fastened to the wall as she struggles on the ground. Later we see her fastened by chains to the wall and nipple clamps joined by a length of thin chain. Watch her struggle and moan through the ring gag. Credit goes to the photographer Captive_ Kink on this shoot.