The Denim Trap

2019-04-23Dakkota16:15 minutesBlonde, Bondage
The Denim Trap 1
The Denim Trap 2
The Denim Trap 3
The Denim Trap 4

Dakkota is tied up on the bed for the whole of this video request dressed in her blue denim shorts and struggling frantically. This blonde has great legs and the shorts fit just in the right places along with the ropes and restraints!

So Sexy in Denim

2019-03-2346 imagesBondage
So Sexy in Denim 0
So Sexy in Denim 1
So Sexy in Denim 2
So Sexy in Denim 3
So Sexy in Denim 4

Paige Turner looks so sexy in what is left of her denim shorts and tightly tied and gagged by The Bad man. Photography by Jerry the Bad man

Bondage Fun with Two Housewives

2018-10-17Trixie35 imagesBondage
Bondage Fun with Two Housewives 0
Bondage Fun with Two Housewives 1
Bondage Fun with Two Housewives 2
Bondage Fun with Two Housewives 3
Bondage Fun with Two Housewives 4

Trixie is back just to say Hi folks! We managed to get this set of her and a friend tied up on the bed with Toebinder's usual expertise. Trixie has been with us since the beginning of the site and she has had some great reviews. Look out for the video coming soon!

O Those Shorts

2018-08-05Amelia Knight56 imagesBondage, Redhead
O Those Shorts 0
O Those Shorts 1
O Those Shorts 2
O Those Shorts 3
O Those Shorts 4

Amelia Knight looks so good in those blue denim shorts and all tied up and gagged for you guys too!

The Parcel

2018-05-31Ivy5:53 minutesBondage
The Parcel 1
The Parcel 2

Ivy is at home waiting for a special delivery and when the parcel arrives she soon has it opened and is ready to try out the new bondage straps and red ball gag! Wearing denim shorts and suede boots with a yellow top she is definitely the girl next door we all would like to tie up. Watch her struggle against the straps!

Caught on Camera

2017-12-16Dakkota51 imagesBBW, Blonde, Bondage
Caught on Camera 0
Caught on Camera 1
Caught on Camera 2
Caught on Camera 3
Caught on Camera 4

Enjoy these classic style shots of Dakkota tied up wearing denim shorts and enjoy seeing those perfect long legs tied with rope!

Trakky Top

2017-10-14Snow6:01 minutesBondage
Trakky Top 1
Trakky Top 2

Snow is here again with some more sexy self bondage on the sofa. She is wearing denim shorts, a trakky top and sneakers and she ends up in a super hogtie struggling and flashing those pretty wide eyes for help!

Blonde in Hotel Peril

2016-12-04Lucy K50 imagesBondage
Blonde in Hotel Peril 0
Blonde in Hotel Peril 1
Blonde in Hotel Peril 2
Blonde in Hotel Peril 3
Blonde in Hotel Peril 4

Private detective Lucy K has turned up for a meet in a hotel room and things soon go wrong for her as she finds herself taped up and gagged on the bed. This gorgeous blonde is so sexy trussed up on the bed.

Ex-wife Problems

2015-07-0438 imagesBondage
Ex-wife Problems 0
Ex-wife Problems 1
Ex-wife Problems 2
Ex-wife Problems 3
Ex-wife Problems 4

Rachel Adams plays the ex-wife who gets more than she bargained for when she entered the flat. Here we see her bound and gagged and wearing denim shorts and left blindfolded on the bed.


2014-01-10Dakkota32 imagesBondage
Roped 0
Roped 1
Roped 2
Roped 3
Roped 4

Dakota is tied up and gagged traditional style with plenty of rope tightly gagged and blindfold wearing sexy denim shorts and high heels.