The Parcel

2018-05-26Ivy77 imagesBondage
The Parcel 0
The Parcel 1
The Parcel 2
The Parcel 3
The Parcel 4

Ivy is at home waiting for a special delivery and when the parcel arrives she soon has it opened and is ready to try out the new bondage straps and red ball gag! Wearing denim shorts and suede boots with a yellow top she is definitely the girl next door we all would like to tie up.

Paying the rent

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Paying the rent 0
Paying the rent 1
Paying the rent 2
Paying the rent 3
Paying the rent 4

Renee is late with her rent so the landlord has an excellent idea how she can pay!

All ways bound

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All ways bound 0
All ways bound 1
All ways bound 2
All ways bound 3
All ways bound 4

Renee is one sexy girl and here we find her in those tantalising denim shorts tied and gagged in many different ways!