Mexican Sit In

2016-10-04Karina10:48 minutesBondage
Mexican Sit In 1
Mexican Sit In 2
Mexican Sit In 3
Mexican Sit In 4

Watch Karina our lovely Mexican damsel in distress as she is tied on a chair and gagged . See her struggle and watch her being fondled in this clip filmed in Mexico

Caught and Restrained

2015-10-23Madalina58 imagesBondage
Caught and Restrained 0
Caught and Restrained 1
Caught and Restrained 2
Caught and Restrained 3
Caught and Restrained 4
Well Madalina did get caught as we can clearly see! Our sexy cheerleader is restrained in a superb hogtie and the fastened into a wooden box. A great set shot by Captive Kink

Taking The Strain

2015-09-133:22 minutesBondage
Taking The Strain 1
Taking The Strain 2
Taking The Strain 3
Taking The Strain 4

You will just love this classic style video of Elaine tied to a chair, tape gagged and struggling frantically.

Pallet Wrap

2015-08-04Madalina4:16 minutesBondage
Pallet Wrap 1
Pallet Wrap 2
Pallet Wrap 3
Pallet Wrap 4

Madalina is in trouble again!! This time she is tightly wrapped with black pallet wrap ending with her sat on a chair with her breasts exposed and nipple clamps fitted. She is wearing a full leather head harness gag! All credit for the photography goes to Captive Kink who did a great job as usual!

Hostess in Red

2015-07-28Mrs L41 imagesBondage
Hostess in Red 0
Hostess in Red 1
Hostess in Red 2
Hostess in Red 3
Hostess in Red 4

Mrs L didn't make her flight! and here she is doing alternative overtime tied up and gagged on a chair wearing red stockings and suspender belt.

Caught Naked

2015-07-263:42 minutesBondage
Caught Naked 1
Caught Naked 2
Caught Naked 3
Caught Naked 4

Watch Rachel Adams as she struggles on the bed bound and gagged and then enjoy the same views in the nude!

Barstool Bound

2015-06-29Katie C45 imagesBondage
Barstool Bound 0
Barstool Bound 1
Barstool Bound 2
Barstool Bound 3
Barstool Bound 4

Katie C is in trouble again! Now what can one do with a barstool and some lengths of rope? Well here we are guys with Katie C all tied up to the barstool with that lovely rope and wearing a white top and sexy blue jeans!

Katie Jeans Bound 2

2015-06-14Katie C47 imagesBondage
Katie Jeans Bound 2 0
Katie Jeans Bound 2 1
Katie Jeans Bound 2 2
Katie Jeans Bound 2 3
Katie Jeans Bound 2 4

Katie C is all trussedup with tight white rope and her hands and feet tied together in front. She is wearing sexy tight blue denim jeans and a flimsy white top. Now in part 2 she is tied tighter into a barefoot hogtie and looking oh so cute!.