Trakky Top

2017-09-26Snow31 imagesBondage
Trakky Top 0
Trakky Top 1
Trakky Top 2
Trakky Top 3
Trakky Top 4

Snow does more bondage wearing her red Trakky top and denim shorts with sneakers. She ends up in a tight hogtie and cleave gag.

Flick in the Attic

2017-04-10Flick44 imagesBondage
Flick in the Attic 0
Flick in the Attic 1
Flick in the Attic 2
Flick in the Attic 3
Flick in the Attic 4

Here we find Flick in her cheerleader costume tied up in the attic! Here is a selection of pictures and screen shots of the lovely Flick!

Burlesque Style

2017-02-09Madalina64 imagesBondage
Burlesque Style 0
Burlesque Style 1
Burlesque Style 2
Burlesque Style 3
Burlesque Style 4

Madalina is all tied up in Burlesque style clothes and lots of tight ropes. She is sporting a nice cleave gag this shoot. Photography by Hampshire Tog.

Booted Hogtie

2013-07-28Dani4:32 minutesBondage
Booted Hogtie 1
Booted Hogtie 2
Booted Hogtie 3
Booted Hogtie 4

Dani is tied in a tight hogtie wearing tight white jeans,long sexy black boots and a silky black top!

Cutie Caught

2013-06-2131 imagesBondage
Cutie Caught 0
Cutie Caught 1
Cutie Caught 2
Cutie Caught 3
Cutie Caught 4
Rachael Larue is such a cutie and here she is in a flimsy top and tiny denim shorts plus lots of rope and of course a nice gag!

Tie me Tightly

2013-03-2030 images
Tie me Tightly 0
Tie me Tightly 1
Tie me Tightly 2
Tie me Tightly 3
Tie me Tightly 4

Dakota loves to be tied so she sets off tying her feet and legs but we thought we had better make a proper job of it and finish tying and gagging her! What do you think guys!

Bed-bound Damsel

2013-03-125:24 minutes
Bed-bound Damsel 1
Bed-bound Damsel 2
Bed-bound Damsel 3
Bed-bound Damsel 4

Dani is well trussed up and cleave gagged in the bedroom wearing her pyjamas. In this great struggle movie she frantically tries to escape with no success

Towel tied Babe

2012-11-216:14 minutes
Towel tied Babe 1
Towel tied Babe 2
Towel tied Babe 3
Towel tied Babe 4

Amelia Knight is fulfilling another request in this erotic video clip which features our damsel in distress locked in the bathroom, with a white towel wrapped arround her and a pink towel arround her head. Her arms are tied securely behind her back and she is cleave gagged with white toweling. Just watch this babe struggle!

Zip-tied and Frantic

2012-11-0938 images
Zip-tied and Frantic 0
Zip-tied and Frantic 1
Zip-tied and Frantic 2
Zip-tied and Frantic 3
Zip-tied and Frantic 4

By special request Dani is zip-tied, gagged and frantically trying to escape!

A Knotty Problem

2012-08-056:00 minutes
A Knotty Problem 1
A Knotty Problem 2
A Knotty Problem 3
A Knotty Problem 4

Dani has a real knotty problem to solve! She wakes to find herself tightly tied to a chair and cleave gagged wearing a short skirt and long black boots.Dani struggles fratically to free herself.