Red is Best

2020-09-1653 imagesAmateur, Bondage, Redhead
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Lovely redhead Steph is tied to a chair and breasts bound with rope wearing only stockings and a red pvc miniskirt.

Secretary in Peril

2016-02-11Madalina7:29 minutesBondage
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Madalina plays the Damsel in Distress so well and here she is in Secretary in Peril where she is seen struggling frantically against tight ropes and tied to the office chair. She has multiple pieces of tape stuck over her mouth to keep her quiet!


2015-10-11Madalina4:32 minutesBondage
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This is a great clip for Halloween. Madalina is tied to a chair wearing witches clothes including the hat! She struggles frantically but her bonds are too tight and there is no escape. A nice red ball gag is keeping her quiet except for the many muffled moans!