Secretary under wraps

2021-06-09127 imagesAmateur, Bondage, Rope Bondage
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Secretary under wraps 1
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Secretary under wraps 4

Secretary Vera is all tied up after a robbery at the office. She is tied to a swivel chair with plenty of tight rope and gagged. Contains promotional material from Bound Brazil


2021-05-09Tamara70 imagesBondage, Damsel In Distress2021
Mirrors 0
Mirrors 1
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Mirrors 4

Tamara is tied sat on a chair with black tape and gagged. She is placed in front of a mirror so she is able to see all anles. Extra closeup shots added.

Captive Goth

2016-03-10Azula45 imagesBondage
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Captive Goth 1
Captive Goth 2
Captive Goth 3
Captive Goth 4

Azula is dressed in her Goth clothes and make-up and here we see her tightly tied on a chair with the largest ball gag tied in her mouth to keep her quiet!

Hostess in Red

2015-07-29Mrs L41 imagesBondage
Hostess in Red 0
Hostess in Red 1
Hostess in Red 2
Hostess in Red 3
Hostess in Red 4

Mrs L didn't make her flight! and here she is doing alternative overtime tied up and gagged on a chair wearing red stockings and suspender belt.

Cute and Quiet 2

2015-06-19Madalina42 imagesBondage
Cute and Quiet 2 0
Cute and Quiet 2 1
Cute and Quiet 2 2
Cute and Quiet 2 3
Cute and Quiet 2 4

Remember we left Madalina tied to a chair looking cute and quiet in part 1. Now here she is stripped to her bra and panties, stockings and those sexy long boots and re-tied to the chair looking every bit the damsel in distress!

Do it Now!

2015-02-15Erin6:29 minutesBondage
Do it Now! 1
Do it Now! 2
Do it Now! 3
Do it Now! 4

Do it Now was a sharp reminder to Erin to remove her top. She soon found herself being tied to the chair and gagged! Just watch this girl struggle and moan through her gag!

Bedsheet Ties

2015-02-06Madalina69 imagesBondage
Bedsheet Ties 0
Bedsheet Ties 1
Bedsheet Ties 2
Bedsheet Ties 3
Bedsheet Ties 4

Madalina looks great in this shoot! Here we find her all tied up to a chair with strips of bed sheet and add to that a sexy big red ballgag and some nipple clamps on her bare breasts she is truly a sight to behold!

Perfect Captive

2014-11-18Madalina4:26 minutesBondage
Perfect Captive 1
Perfect Captive 2
Perfect Captive 3
Perfect Captive 4

Madalina is just the Perfect Captive! This sexy redhead is always in trouble and always getting tied up and here she ends up in a great chairtie and breast bondage. This is a real frantic struggling clip with Madalina cleave gagged then tape gagged! A must to watch!

Chair for One

2013-07-03Dani30 imagesBondage
Chair for One 0
Chair for One 1
Chair for One 2
Chair for One 3
Chair for One 4

Dani is in trouble again! Here she is tied to a chair and gagged wearing a shirt and white shorts.

Home Alone

2013-06-0234 images
Home Alone 0
Home Alone 1
Home Alone 2
Home Alone 3
Home Alone 4

Trixie is back with some more high quality pictures which are the work of Toebinder who just loves tying this lady up! Home alone features a fantastic and revealing chairtie set.