The Storeroom

2020-08-2135 imagesAmateur, Bondage, Rope Bondage
The Storeroom 0
The Storeroom 1
The Storeroom 2
The Storeroom 3
The Storeroom 4

Rafela Pontinari features in these stills all tied up on a chair and gagged in the storeroom.

His Favourite Colors

2020-05-2840 imagesAmateur, Rope Bondage
His Favourite Colors 0
His Favourite Colors 1
His Favourite Colors 2
His Favourite Colors 3
His Favourite Colors 4

Isabella is just what he was looking for and here she is trussed up on a chair,this sexy blonde wearing white jeans and plenty of rope with a tape gag.

Learning the Ropes

2019-10-1542 imagesBlonde, Bondage, Rope Bondage
Learning the Ropes 0
Learning the Ropes 1
Learning the Ropes 2
Learning the Ropes 3
Learning the Ropes 4

Dave shows Tracy the ropes then puts them to good use

Classic Bootibound

2019-06-17Amelia Knight48 imagesBondage, Brunette
Classic Bootibound 0
Classic Bootibound 1
Classic Bootibound 2
Classic Bootibound 3
Classic Bootibound 4

Amelia Knight looks well if a little tied up in this classic b/w set of high quality bondage pictures.

Perilous Times

2019-05-14Trixie21:13 minutesBondage, Fetish, Hogtie
Perilous Times 1
Perilous Times 2
Perilous Times 3
Perilous Times 4

For those of you who enjoy seeing girls tightly tied and wearing tight denim shorts then this is just the movie for you. Trixie is in trouble as usual and tied to a chair by Toebinder who then proceeds to hogtie her on the table then finally leaves her struggling on the floor hogtied and gagged

The New Office Girl

2018-04-079:37 minutesBondage
The New Office Girl 1
The New Office Girl 2

The manager told the new office girl to come in early on her first day so he could show her the ropes. Little did she know that he meant just that. Mia finds herself tied to a chair, gagged and struggling wearing a short tartan skirt and sneakers. She puts up a good fight much to the managers delight! Do you think she got the job permanent?

9 Muses

2017-12-2779:15 minutesBondage, Domination, Hogtie
9 Muses 1
9 Muses 2
9 Muses 3
9 Muses 4

A man wakes up not knowing who he is...Little does he know that he is in for the night of his life. While being persuaded to trust a man, which he knows nothing about suddenly his life becomes a blur. His vindictive wife has all of his current flings and now he must reluctantly watch these people at the mercy of this malicious woman as she plays a kinky bondage game with all of them, however, things are not as they appear...

Cross Chair

2017-10-0324 imagesBondage
Cross Chair 0
Cross Chair 1
Cross Chair 2
Cross Chair 3
Cross Chair 4

Anija is bound and gagged and tied on a chair with her legs crossed.

Bondage Memories 3

2017-06-2335 imagesBondage
Bondage Memories 3 0
Bondage Memories 3 1
Bondage Memories 3 2
Bondage Memories 3 3
Bondage Memories 3 4

Check out some more bondage memories kindly donated from past shoots featuring Wendy Jayne and other lovely models.

Gothic Seat Tie

2016-12-14Madalina36 imagesBondage
Gothic Seat Tie 0
Gothic Seat Tie 1
Gothic Seat Tie 2
Gothic Seat Tie 3
Gothic Seat Tie 4

Madalina is treated to a tight seat tie up and a big red ball gag dressed as a Goth! Real cute! Photography by Davy UK.