A Secretarys Time Out

2018-10-08Lexi50 imagesBondage
A Secretarys Time Out 0
A Secretarys Time Out 1
A Secretarys Time Out 2
A Secretarys Time Out 3
A Secretarys Time Out 4

Lexi is working late at the motel with the boss and asks him for some time out! Anything to oblige he ties her to a chair unable to move. How's that for time out he remarked? Photography credits go to Davy UK

Tea Break Tie

2018-07-11Ivy6:27 minutesAmateur, Bondage
Tea Break Tie 1
Tea Break Tie 2

Ivy is due a tea break but her boss has other ideas! She looks so good fiercely struggling against the ropes while tied to a chair! Her naked breasts are exposed and she tries her best to talk through the tight ball gag. A must for all her fans!

Personal Pleasures

2018-06-29Mada-Rose79 imagesBondage, Redhead
Personal Pleasures 0
Personal Pleasures 1
Personal Pleasures 2
Personal Pleasures 3
Personal Pleasures 4

Mada Rose is tied up for her masters pleasure to a steel chair. Lots of strong tight rope hold her to the chair and her mouth is filled with rope that fastens her tightly to the back of the chair. Later the gag switches to black tape.

A Bit Strapped Up

2018-05-12Natalia Forrest7:56 minutesBlonde, Bondage
A Bit Strapped Up 1
A Bit Strapped Up 2

Natalia Forrest is strapped up by our resident villain and photographer and it looks like he enjoyed himself. She looks pretty good too so enjoy! In part 2 we add a few more straps securing her to the chair and gag her with black tape! Then watch her struggle

Green is the Color

2018-02-06Red Kali43 imagesBBW, Bondage, Redhead
Green is the Color 0
Green is the Color 1
Green is the Color 2
Green is the Color 3
Green is the Color 4

Red Kali is wearing a green polka dot dress and is tied o so securely with strong rope to a chair to keep her out of mischief. Gagged and bound this redhead housewife is going nowhere! Photography by Davy UK.

Red Roses

2018-01-27Alatns6:29 minutesAmateur, Bondage, Secretary
Red Roses 1
Red Roses 2
Red Roses 3
Red Roses 4

Red Roses and a sexy black dress! What a combination. Alatns receives a delivery of red roses only to find herself quickly tied up by the supposed florist. Add some more rope and a chair tie and a tight cleave gag and the job's done!

Christmas Abroad

2017-12-22Alatns3:18 minutesBondage, Brunette, Costume
Christmas Abroad 1
Christmas Abroad 2
Christmas Abroad 3
Christmas Abroad 4

The beautiful Alatns hails from the Czech Republic and if this is what Santa looks like over there I'm sure a few guys would like to find out. Here she is making her first appearance on the site all trussed up for Christmas.Watch her struggling to get free!

One Chair Only

2017-11-06Robbyn31 imagesBondage
One Chair Only 0
One Chair Only 1
One Chair Only 2
One Chair Only 3
One Chair Only 4

Robbyn is joining us with a great little shoot of her wearing a trakky top and tied to a chair with a ball gag in her mouth. She looks good wearing those tight blue jeans!

Captive April

2017-09-04April70 imagesBondage
Captive April 0
Captive April 1
Captive April 2
Captive April 3
Captive April 4

April is grabbed by her boyfriend and tied to a chair with lots of rope ending up topless with a ball gag in her mouth