Shiny Steel 2

2018-04-13Natalia Forrest50 imagesBlonde, Bondage, Hogtie
Shiny Steel 2 0
Shiny Steel 2 1
Shiny Steel 2 2
Shiny Steel 2 3
Shiny Steel 2 4

Gorgeous model Natalia Forrest makes her debut on the site with this 2 part set using shiny steel collar, handcuffs and leg cuffs. Here in part 2 she is hogtied with shiny steel chain and a big red ball gag in her mouth

Cuffs Quickie

2018-02-08Robbyn7:14 minutesBondage, Redhead
Cuffs Quickie 1
Cuffs Quickie 2

Robbyn is so sexy in that red satin dress and jeans. She is a popular girl judging by all the guys out there buying her pictures and videos so here she is sharing some self bondage for her fans! watch her sexily restrain herself with cuffs and gag herself with a big red ball gag. Enjoy!

Cute Captive Damsel 2

2017-04-28Madalina6:05 minutesBondage
Cute Captive Damsel 2 1
Cute Captive Damsel 2 2
Cute Captive Damsel 2 3
Cute Captive Damsel 2 4

Part 2 of Cute Captive Damsel finds Madalina wearing very sexy underwear and strictly restrained and gagged!

The Burglars Choice

2016-12-0741 imagesBondage
The Burglars Choice 0
The Burglars Choice 1
The Burglars Choice 2
The Burglars Choice 3
The Burglars Choice 4

Wendy Jayne is surprised in the office and ends up chained and shackled to a chair wearing just her black lacy panties. A great little bondage set from the archives and never posted on my site before!

Black & Tan

2014-03-05Adrienna52 imagesBondage
Black & Tan 0
Black & Tan 1
Black & Tan 2
Black & Tan 3
Black & Tan 4

Adrienna is wearing just a short black dress and tan pantyhose and also a spreader bar between her legs and a collar. A chain connects the two leaving her in quite a predicament. A large ball gag keeps her quiet!

Red Leopard

2013-01-1356 images
Red Leopard 0
Red Leopard 1
Red Leopard 2
Red Leopard 3
Red Leopard 4

Here we find Adrienna cuffed to a chair and ballgagged wearing just her red leopard nylons! Our topless damsel in distress is a bit stuck!

Blue nylons captive

2012-08-3046 images
Blue nylons captive 0
Blue nylons captive 1
Blue nylons captive 2
Blue nylons captive 3
Blue nylons captive 4

Adrienna is caught and held captive with her hands and feet shackled together and a big ballgag in her mouth!

Pink restraints

2012-04-2298 images
Pink restraints 0
Pink restraints 1
Pink restraints 2
Pink restraints 3
Pink restraints 4

One of Adrienna's most revealing sets to date! Here she is seen being restrained in pink leg and wrist cuffs and a pink breast harness all connected together with heavy chain. Add to this the harness ballgag and that great expression on her face coupled with the drool from the gag makes this set a definite collectors item!

Bondage toys

2012-03-04104 images
Bondage toys 0
Bondage toys 1
Bondage toys 2
Bondage toys 3
Bondage toys 4

Adrienna strips down to the bare essentials and is soon trying out the new bondage gear. Wrist cuffs, harness ballgag and ankle cuffs and chains all go to make this an exciting set!Adrienna is put in more bondage positions including being suspended in a bondage harness.

Captive amazon girl

2012-03-025:52 minutes
Captive amazon girl 1
Captive amazon girl 2
Captive amazon girl 3
Captive amazon girl 4

Gothic Kitten plays the amazon girl who is grabbed and taken to a planned destination where she is tied and left to struggle on the bed. Lots of erotic struggling and sound effects on this great clip!