Mexican Chairs

2019-04-04Karina14:37 minutesAmateur, Bondage
Mexican Chairs 1
Mexican Chairs 2
Mexican Chairs 3
Mexican Chairs 4

Mexican chairs is great fun especially when you have the lovely Karina from Mexico. Here she is in a great double billing of bondage films remastered in widescreen. Shot in Mexico City

Rope Parcel Unedited

2017-07-11Karina19:50 minutesBondage
Rope Parcel Unedited 1
Rope Parcel Unedited 2

Check out the lovely Karina from Mexico being tied and fondled. This is the behind the scenes unedited footage shot while filming. Lots of struggling and fondling and a well gagged Karina!

Tied and Fondled 2

2017-05-134:20 minutesBondage
Tied and Fondled 2 1
Tied and Fondled 2 2
Tied and Fondled 2 3
Tied and Fondled 2 4

Rocio is tied to a chair blindfold and gagged while being fondled. Some nice scenes here!

Trial by Tape

2016-10-16Karina38 imagesBondage
Trial by Tape 0
Trial by Tape 1
Trial by Tape 2
Trial by Tape 3
Trial by Tape 4

Karina is tightly secured to a chair by brown packing tape and gagged. Our Mexican Damsel in Distress is wearing a short red dress and at the end of the shoot we see her breasts exposed