Toying with Paige

2019-08-08Paige Turner38 imagesBondage, Toys
Toying with Paige 0
Toying with Paige 1
Toying with Paige 2
Toying with Paige 3
Toying with Paige 4

Paige Turner is back with a shoot from her early years and here the Bad Man is tying her to a table and playing with her! All the recent Paige Turner sets can be found on Naughty ties.

Sheer Panic

2019-05-25Liberty-Loves20:26 minutesBondage, Hogtie
Sheer Panic 1
Sheer Panic 2
Sheer Panic 3
Sheer Panic 4

Home alone housewife Liberty-Loves is startled by an intruder who soon has her tied to a chair and gagged. After looting the house he returns to the room and ties her up on the floor in a very tight and sexy hogtie. Really fast moving and full of onscreen tying and struggling.

So Sexy in Denim

2019-03-2246 imagesBondage
So Sexy in Denim 0
So Sexy in Denim 1
So Sexy in Denim 2
So Sexy in Denim 3
So Sexy in Denim 4

Paige Turner looks so sexy in what is left of her denim shorts and tightly tied and gagged by The Bad man. Photography by Jerry the Bad man

Time to Wonder

2018-08-19Holly48 imagesBondage, Hogtie
Time to Wonder 0
Time to Wonder 1
Time to Wonder 2
Time to Wonder 3
Time to Wonder 4

Holly has plenty of time to wonder how long she will be tied and gagged like this and what will happen next. Photography credits go to Davy UK

Towel Babe Hogtied

2018-08-17Alatns8:39 minutesBondage, Hogtie
Towel Babe Hogtied 1
Towel Babe Hogtied 2

Alatna is fresh out of the bath and all wrapped up in towels. So we just decided to put her into a strict rope hogtie! Watch her frantic struggling and enjoy!

The Maintenance Man

2018-07-15Helen48 imagesAmateur, Bondage
The Maintenance Man 0
The Maintenance Man 1
The Maintenance Man 2
The Maintenance Man 3
The Maintenance Man 4

Helen called the maintenance man and look what happened! Photography credits go to Davy UK

Green is the Color

2018-02-06Red Kali43 imagesBBW, Bondage, Redhead
Green is the Color 0
Green is the Color 1
Green is the Color 2
Green is the Color 3
Green is the Color 4

Red Kali is wearing a green polka dot dress and is tied o so securely with strong rope to a chair to keep her out of mischief. Gagged and bound this redhead housewife is going nowhere! Photography by Davy UK.

Aye Roped Up

2017-09-2362 imagesBondage
Aye Roped Up 0
Aye Roped Up 1
Aye Roped Up 2
Aye Roped Up 3
Aye Roped Up 4

Aye Provide is here with some more ebony housewife bondage and here she is tied tightly with yellow rope.

Don't open the Door 2

2017-05-30Liberty-Loves45 imagesBondage
Don't open the Door 2 0
Don't open the Door 2 1
Don't open the Door 2 2
Don't open the Door 2 3
Don't open the Door 2 4

That's good advice for a housewife at home alone but our latest model to the site, Liberty-Loves just opened it without thinking and got a surprise. Look how this lovely girl ends up! All bound and gagged on a chair. Here we find Liberty roped up securely on the floor in a tight hogtie while her unwelcome guest makes his getaway!

Can't Move my Arms

2016-05-23Trixie5:20 minutesBondage
Can't Move my Arms 1
Can't Move my Arms 2
Can't Move my Arms 3
Can't Move my Arms 4

Toebinder has Trixie tied tight in a strict arm tie. Wearing tight white trousers and a nice tight cleave gag she makes the perfect captive! Watch her struggling as she fights against the tight ropes cinching her arms tight behind her back. and listen to the muffles sound through the tightly crammed gag!