The Long Blonde Moment

2018-12-31 Dakkota 35 images Blonde, Bondage
The Long Blonde Moment 0
The Long Blonde Moment 1
The Long Blonde Moment 2
The Long Blonde Moment 3
The Long Blonde Moment 4

Dakkota is the perfect damsel in distress with that long blonde hair and seeing how tightly she fills a pair of blue denims or a miniskirt. Add some rope and securely gag her and you have the perfect classic bondage shoot.

Maid for Straps

2018-09-15 Natalia Forrest 57 images Blonde, Bondage, Hogtie
Maid for Straps 0
Maid for Straps 1
Maid for Straps 2
Maid for Straps 3
Maid for Straps 4

Natalia Forrest looks real good in part 2 of Maid for straps. Here she is hogtied tightly with lots of straps and tightly ball gagged. Enjoy!

Tight in Lycra

2018-06-14 Natalia Forrest 6:40 minutes Blonde, Bondage, Shoes
Tight in Lycra 1
Tight in Lycra 2

Natalia Forrest looks strikingly awesome in this shoot where she is tied up tightly in tight fitting lycra and wearing gym shoes. Just watch this girl as she struggles in her restraints!

Prime Time

2018-06-08 Dakkota 37 images Blonde, Bondage
Prime Time 0
Prime Time 1
Prime Time 2
Prime Time 3
Prime Time 4

Dakkota is all trussed up and gagged for this prime time bondage shoot. Enjoy!

Sweater and Sock Bondage

2018-05-28 Lillie May 55 images Bondage, Sweater Fetish
Sweater and Sock Bondage 0
Sweater and Sock Bondage 1
Sweater and Sock Bondage 2
Sweater and Sock Bondage 3
Sweater and Sock Bondage 4

Lillie May is all taped up wearing a pink sweater and pink and white knee socks. This gorgeous blonde is wondering what will be next!

Blonde Classic Ties

2018-05-15 Dakkota 35 images Blonde, Bondage
Blonde Classic Ties 0
Blonde Classic Ties 1
Blonde Classic Ties 2
Blonde Classic Ties 3
Blonde Classic Ties 4

Dakkota is back with some of those classic ties re-enacted just for you. Enjoy!

A Bit Strapped Up

2018-05-13 Natalia Forrest 7:56 minutes Blonde, Bondage
A Bit Strapped Up 1
A Bit Strapped Up 2

Natalia Forrest is strapped up by our resident villain and photographer and it looks like he enjoyed himself. She looks pretty good too so enjoy! In part 2 we add a few more straps securing her to the chair and gag her with black tape! Then watch her struggle

Stop Who's There

2018-04-24 Lillie May 6:46 minutes Blonde, Bondage, Hogtie
Stop Who's There 1
Stop Who's There 2
Stop Who's There 3
Stop Who's There 4

Lillie May enters the house expecting trouble, cautiously looking around and then she was roughly grabbed and tied up wearing her black mini dress. Here she is put into a strict hogtie and ball gagged! Watch this sexy blonde struggle in her tight ropes!

Classic Beauty in Red

2018-04-20 Dakkota 53 images Blonde, Bondage, Hogtie
Classic Beauty in Red 0
Classic Beauty in Red 1
Classic Beauty in Red 2
Classic Beauty in Red 3
Classic Beauty in Red 4

Dakkota is a true classic beauty! Bondage suits her so well and here is a great new set of her dressed in a black mini skirt and red sweater with high heels trussed up with tight ropes and gagged!

Blondes Have More Fun

2018-04-03 Dakkota 39 images Blonde, Bondage
Blondes Have More Fun 0
Blondes Have More Fun 1
Blondes Have More Fun 2
Blondes Have More Fun 3
Blondes Have More Fun 4

Well this one sure looks good in ropes and we enjoy seeing Dakkota in any form of restraints. Here she is enjoying an evening in with a friend!