The Red Solution

2019-03-02 Tiger Lilly 52 images Blonde, Bondage
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We thought the best solution for keeping Tigerlilly quiet was to dress her in red and tie her up. Lots of rope and tape, nylons and breasts on display. Tigerlilly can also be seen on Bound Kathy and Friends.

Working From Home 2

2015-08-08 47 images Bondage
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Trophy Wife Elaine is our newest recruit to the site and here we find her working from home but little did she know that she was not alone in the house! She looks so good tightly tied up wearing her white top and short black miniskirt! More rope is added and her wrists secured to her feet and a nice wide tape gag keeps her quiet. This is a great collectors set especially if you like blondes in short black miniskirts and high heels.