The Denim Trap

2019-04-23 Dakkota 16:15 minutes Blonde, Bondage
The Denim Trap 1
The Denim Trap 2
The Denim Trap 3
The Denim Trap 4

Dakkota is tied up on the bed for the whole of this video request dressed in her blue denim shorts and struggling frantically. This blonde has great legs and the shorts fit just in the right places along with the ropes and restraints!

Captive Thoughts 2

2018-01-10 Lillie May 63 images Amateur, Blonde, Bondage
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Captive Thoughts 2 1
Captive Thoughts 2 2
Captive Thoughts 2 3
Captive Thoughts 2 4

Lillie may lay on the bed reading her magazine when her thoughts wandered to a wild fantasy. I wonder what would happen if I was caught like this by a robber? Perhaps he would tie me up! Well looks like her wish came true guys! Here in part 2 she gets further tied and well gagged!

Strictly Business

2017-08-10 Amelia Knight 89 images Bondage
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Strictly Business 1
Strictly Business 2
Strictly Business 3
Strictly Business 4

A dreamy set for lovers of bound and gagged business women, secretary's and PA's. You will of course notice the model as it is the gorgeous Amelia Knight.

Quick Bondage

2016-01-04 Katie C 44 images Bondage
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Quick Bondage 1
Quick Bondage 2
Quick Bondage 3
Quick Bondage 4

What do you do if you need to tie up your latest damsel and you don't have any rope or tape? Well here we find Katie C all trussed up in torn up strips of material in a most unusual position?

Tied in Red Panties

2015-07-25 Katie C 40 images Bondage
Tied in Red Panties 0
Tied in Red Panties 1
Tied in Red Panties 2
Tied in Red Panties 3
Tied in Red Panties 4

Katie C looks so sexy tied up wearing red panties with her long blonde hair flowing arround her. Look out for part 2