Anything will do

2021-09-11Katie C88 imagesBlonde, Bondage, Damsel In Distress
Anything will do 0
Anything will do 1
Anything will do 2
Anything will do 3
Anything will do 4

Katie C gets tied up but no rope at hand? never mind we can always find something.

Palm Trouble

2017-08-05Angel106 imagesBondage
Palm Trouble 0
Palm Trouble 1
Palm Trouble 2
Palm Trouble 3
Palm Trouble 4

Angel is back! This gorgeous blue eyed blonde is in trouble again and bound to a Palm tree with her hands tied above her head, topless, gagged and nipple clamped. The fruit is ripe and ready for picking!

Space Hopper Tied

2017-08-03Snow23 imagesBondage
Space Hopper Tied 0
Space Hopper Tied 1
Space Hopper Tied 2
Space Hopper Tied 3
Space Hopper Tied 4

Snow just had to find out what a Space Hopper was used for so we showed her how we thought it was best used with her tied to it looking so sexy!!

Pretty Blouse and Chair

2017-03-2733 imagesBondage
Pretty Blouse and Chair 0
Pretty Blouse and Chair 1
Pretty Blouse and Chair 2
Pretty Blouse and Chair 3
Pretty Blouse and Chair 4

Cora Vixen is tied in a classic chairtie wearing a pretty silk blouse a ball gag and ropes. This stunning blonde looks so good in her bonds!

Blonde in Hotel Peril

2016-12-03Lucy K50 imagesBondage
Blonde in Hotel Peril 0
Blonde in Hotel Peril 1
Blonde in Hotel Peril 2
Blonde in Hotel Peril 3
Blonde in Hotel Peril 4

Private detective Lucy K has turned up for a meet in a hotel room and things soon go wrong for her as she finds herself taped up and gagged on the bed. This gorgeous blonde is so sexy trussed up on the bed.

Coffee Break Interupted 2

2016-11-2046 imagesBondage
Coffee Break Interupted 2 0
Coffee Break Interupted 2 1
Coffee Break Interupted 2 2
Coffee Break Interupted 2 3
Coffee Break Interupted 2 4

Laurita is enjoying her coffee break when she was startled by an intruder. She soon finds herself securely taped to a chair using black bondage tape. Then add a nice tape gag and blindfold and here is the end reult

Bondage Detective

2016-09-1457 imagesBondage
Bondage Detective 0
Bondage Detective 1
Bondage Detective 2
Bondage Detective 3
Bondage Detective 4

Are you old enough to remember going out to buy those old detective magazines just for the cover picture of the damsel in distress! Check out the lovely Laurita as her hunt for her target goes ever so slightly wrong! More to come!

Where am I

2016-05-04Dakkota3:18 minutesBondage
Where am I 1
Where am I 2
Where am I 3
Where am I 4

Dakkota is tied to the bed with her arms stretched apart and her feet tied together. She is wearing a short black dress and white top and she is gagged and blindfold with wide tape. Watch her struggling frantically on the bed against her bonds

A Puzzle Too Far

2016-02-20Silky60 imagesBondage
A Puzzle Too Far 0
A Puzzle Too Far 1
A Puzzle Too Far 2
A Puzzle Too Far 3
A Puzzle Too Far 4

Silky looks real sexy lounging on her bed just wearing a shirt and panties. She is busy completing a puzzle in her book when she is surprised by our resident villain who soon has her hands tied behind her back and with her feet tightly tied together she is left at his mercy!

Surprise for Silky

2015-11-1645 imagesBondage
Surprise for Silky 0
Surprise for Silky 1
Surprise for Silky 2
Surprise for Silky 3
Surprise for Silky 4

Our latest model Silky makes her debut on the site with our resident villain tying her up with tight white ropes! You will be seeing more of this lovely blonde!