Prime Time

2018-06-07Dakkota37 imagesBlonde, Bondage
Prime Time 0
Prime Time 1
Prime Time 2
Prime Time 3
Prime Time 4

Dakkota is all trussed up and gagged for this prime time bondage shoot. Enjoy!

Classic Beauty in Red

2018-04-19Dakkota53 imagesBlonde, Bondage, Hogtie
Classic Beauty in Red 0
Classic Beauty in Red 1
Classic Beauty in Red 2
Classic Beauty in Red 3
Classic Beauty in Red 4

Dakkota is a true classic beauty! Bondage suits her so well and here is a great new set of her dressed in a black mini skirt and red sweater with high heels trussed up with tight ropes and gagged!

Leggy Blonde Bound

2017-11-24Dakkota3:22 minutesAmateur, Blonde, Bondage
Leggy Blonde Bound 1
Leggy Blonde Bound 2
Leggy Blonde Bound 3
Leggy Blonde Bound 4

Watch Dakkota as she struggles on the bed, bound, gagged and blindfold. She is wearing sexy denim shorts showing her long legs roped up.

Leggy Blonde Bound

2017-11-22Dakkota38 imagesAmateur, Blonde, Bondage
Leggy Blonde Bound 0
Leggy Blonde Bound 1
Leggy Blonde Bound 2
Leggy Blonde Bound 3
Leggy Blonde Bound 4

Dakkota returns with this really nice set of her tied up wearing denim shorts and displaying those lovely long sexy legs all tied up with rope!

Tied and Fondled 2

2017-05-124:20 minutesBondage
Tied and Fondled 2 1
Tied and Fondled 2 2
Tied and Fondled 2 3
Tied and Fondled 2 4

Rocio is tied to a chair blindfold and gagged while being fondled. Some nice scenes here!

Housemate Fantasy

2017-04-0258 imagesBondage
Housemate Fantasy 0
Housemate Fantasy 1
Housemate Fantasy 2
Housemate Fantasy 3
Housemate Fantasy 4

If you had a housemate like Jess you would probably have fantasies too! Watch as she is tricked, restrained and then left bound and gagged.

Tied and Fondled

2017-03-2330 imagesBondage
Tied and Fondled 0
Tied and Fondled 1
Tied and Fondled 2
Tied and Fondled 3
Tied and Fondled 4

Roxy is tied up on a chair in her silky slip and bound and gagged with silk scarves. This Mexican beauty makes the perfect Damsel in Distress

The Rope Parcel

2017-03-06Karina40 imagesBondage
The Rope Parcel 0
The Rope Parcel 1
The Rope Parcel 2
The Rope Parcel 3
The Rope Parcel 4

Karina looks her best when she is all trussed up with rope and here is a great example of our lovely Mexican Damsel in Distress!

Kary Wrapped 2

2017-03-04Karina4:31 minutesBondage
Kary Wrapped 2 1
Kary Wrapped 2 2
Kary Wrapped 2 3
Kary Wrapped 2 4

Karina is kept taped up on a chair with packing tape and fondled. Watch her as she struggles!

Kary Wrapped tight

2017-02-13Karina38 imagesBondage
Kary Wrapped tight 0
Kary Wrapped tight 1
Kary Wrapped tight 2
Kary Wrapped tight 3
Kary Wrapped tight 4

Karina is in trouble again and quite helpless. Taped up to a chair and gagged and blindfold!