Party Time Captive

2016-08-19Mrs L61 imagesBondage
Party Time Captive 0
Party Time Captive 1
Party Time Captive 2
Party Time Captive 3
Party Time Captive 4

A brand new set from Mrs L showing her getting ready for a party! Hey lots of restraints and bondage gear plus sexy lingerie so a great party guys!

The Old House 3

2016-08-0650 imagesBondage
The Old House 3 0
The Old House 3 1
The Old House 3 2
The Old House 3 3
The Old House 3 4

What a fantastic setting for a bondage shoot guys! Add one gorgeous blonde by name of Lucy K and an eyrie derelict house. She should have known better than to venture inside especially dressed in that white top and tight blue denim jeans. Here we see her captured, Handcuffed by her hands and feet and gagged! Stay tuned for the final chapter!

Elegant Breasts Bound

2016-07-1319 imagesBondage
Elegant Breasts Bound 0
Elegant Breasts Bound 1
Elegant Breasts Bound 2
Elegant Breasts Bound 3
Elegant Breasts Bound 4

Here Katrina is featured in some more classic bondage with her breasts tightly bound and bit gagged!

Top and Tail

2016-01-04Madalina86 imagesBondage
Top and Tail 0
Top and Tail 1
Top and Tail 2
Top and Tail 3
Top and Tail 4

Here is Madalina in another shoot by photographer Pat where she is fastened to an iron frame in a kneeling position wearing her college uniform. Her neck is held in an iron clamp and she is bit gagged. At the tail end and side views we can see her hands and feet fastened to the framework and wearing black stockings and red panties. O yes you may have noticed she has a nice red bottom as well!

Gags Galore

2015-09-25Mrs L50 imagesBondage
Gags Galore 0
Gags Galore 1
Gags Galore 2
Gags Galore 3
Gags Galore 4
If you like girls wearing gags then you will love this amateur set of bondage pictures from Mrs L gagged 50 times just for you!

Behind Closed Doors

2015-06-04Mrs L48 imagesBondage
Behind Closed Doors 0
Behind Closed Doors 1
Behind Closed Doors 2
Behind Closed Doors 3
Behind Closed Doors 4

Who Knows what happens behind closed doors? Well here is mrs L trying out some homemade bondage and outfits. Watch out for the behind the scenes movie of this set while it was being shot!

Flight Trouble

2015-04-27Mrs L30 imagesBondage
Flight Trouble 0
Flight Trouble 1
Flight Trouble 2
Flight Trouble 3
Flight Trouble 4

Mrs L the airline flight attendant was getting ready for another shift but the the flight is going to be one attendant down as you can see in this picture set!

The Stairway

2015-01-28Mrs L33 imagesBondage
The Stairway 0
The Stairway 1
The Stairway 2
The Stairway 3
The Stairway 4

Undressed and ready for bed! Mrs L just didn't make it. Here she is in her bra and panties and black stockings bit gagged and cuffed to the stairs.

Birthday Girl

2014-12-11Mrs L75 imagesBondage
Birthday Girl 0
Birthday Girl 1
Birthday Girl 2
Birthday Girl 3
Birthday Girl 4

On her birthday Mrs L gets ready for a night of bondage! Hope you enjoy!

Dinner Time

2014-10-1864 imagesBondage
Dinner Time 0
Dinner Time 1
Dinner Time 2
Dinner Time 3
Dinner Time 4

We continue the Kitchen series with Mrs L scantily clad and looking sexy and ending up tied spreadeagled to the table in Dinner Time!