Maids Revenge

2021-09-0816:42 minutesBondage, Maid Fetish, Rope Bondage
Maids Revenge 1
Maids Revenge 2
Maids Revenge 3
Maids Revenge 4

Another fantastic three girl bondage and fondling film with some beautiful girls from Brazil. Contains promotional material from Bound Brazil.

Bad Girl

2021-06-05Mada-Rose96 imagesBondage, Maid Fetish, Redhead
Bad Girl 0
Bad Girl 1
Bad Girl 2
Bad Girl 3
Bad Girl 4

Mada Rose is our lovely maid who has been a bad girl and not done the housework properly so here we see her restrained and gagged doing the kitchen work.

Tough Love 3

2021-01-30Mada-Rose109 imagesBondage, Maid Fetish, Redhead
Tough Love 3 0
Tough Love 3 1
Tough Love 3 2
Tough Love 3 3
Tough Love 3 4

The final set of pics from the video featuring Mada-Rose as the maid in trouble

Tough Love 2

2021-01-21Mada-Rose108 imagesBondage, Damsel In Distress, Maid Fetish
Tough Love 2 0
Tough Love 2 1
Tough Love 2 2
Tough Love 2 3
Tough Love 2 4

Mada_Rose spends more time tied to the chair wearing her sexy maids uniform. This set shows lots of great positions and shots from the film especially hand over mouth and ballgag pleading.

When the work is not done

2019-05-02Mada-Rose6:39 minutesBondage, Maid Fetish, Redhead
When the work is not done 1
When the work is not done 2
When the work is not done 3
When the work is not done 4

Mada Rose is in trouble again and she has not comp0leted her maids duties well enough! this is the result just to remind her to do better next time. Tied to a chair in her maids outfit and struggling frantically with her legs wide open and a ball gag in her mouth! Enjoy!

The Maids Reward

2018-11-23Mada-Rose9:06 minutesBondage, Maid Fetish, Redhead
The Maids Reward 1
The Maids Reward 2
The Maids Reward 3
The Maids Reward 4

What a find!!! I unearthed this video shot over 2 years ago at my home and never published and starring the lovely Mada - Rose. Paul and Mada paid me a visit and we did some shooting which has long since been published. But here after more than 2 years is the erotic video of a maid chained up at the kitchen sink for taking too long to wash the dishes.