Reported Missing!

2017-09-28Ambrosia58 imagesCaning
Reported Missing! 0
Reported Missing! 1
Reported Missing! 2
Reported Missing! 3
Reported Missing! 4

Ambrosia never returned home and she is reported missing! O look here she is all trussed up in her cheerleader outfit and tightly gagged. This girl plays the part so well and all photographic credits go to Davy UK.

Pole Binding Trixie

2017-09-08Trixie4:19 minutesCaning
Pole Binding Trixie 1
Pole Binding Trixie 2
Pole Binding Trixie 3
Pole Binding Trixie 4

Well you have probably guessed we are not binding the pole but Toebinder has been binding poor Trixie to it. Dressed in just a pair of denim shorts and ball gagged and nipple clamped this makes a good collectors video of Trixie.

Turtle Neck Dangle

2017-05-14Flick45 imagesCaning
Turtle Neck Dangle 0
Turtle Neck Dangle 1
Turtle Neck Dangle 2
Turtle Neck Dangle 3
Turtle Neck Dangle 4

Flick is tied dangling from the ceiling wearing her red turtleneck sweater. Ropes and a gag is mandatory!