Worth Waiting 2

2015-05-25Katie C55 imagesBondage
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Worth Waiting 2 1
Worth Waiting 2 2
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Worth Waiting 2 4

Part 2 of Worth Waiting continues with Katie C surprised at home and tied up. Her feet are tightly tied and a black ballgag tied in her mouth she is then tightly hogtied with rope and left to struggle on the sofa.

Babysitter Blues

2015-05-23Kacie James60 imagesBondage
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Babysitter Blues 1
Babysitter Blues 2
Babysitter Blues 3
Babysitter Blues 4

Our gorgeous girl next door Kacie James always seems to end up in trouble and this set is no exception. She thought babysitting the twin teenagers would be fun! That is untill they handed her a coil of rope and said, We are going to tie you up! They soon have her trussed up but just wait till part 2 when they go even further!

Worth Waiting

2015-05-19Katie C59 imagesBondage
Worth Waiting 0
Worth Waiting 1
Worth Waiting 2
Worth Waiting 3
Worth Waiting 4

Katie C returns to the site after about 5 years and this first set of her we find her surprised at home relaxing in her bra and panties. this lovely long haired blonde is soon tied in ropes and wondering just how far this will go! Credit goes to our photographer on the day Adrian! Look out for part 2 and see how Katie ends up!

Hello Neighbour 2

2015-05-1545 imagesBondage
Hello Neighbour 2 0
Hello Neighbour 2 1
Hello Neighbour 2 2
Hello Neighbour 2 3
Hello Neighbour 2 4

The concluding part of Hello Neighbour finds Kacie all trussed up in a tight rope hogtie and gagged wearing her cute little minidress and high heels.This is a great finale to her first set with us!

Asylum Bound

2015-05-13Madalina6:21 minutesBondage
Asylum Bound 1
Asylum Bound 2
Asylum Bound 3
Asylum Bound 4

Madalina is wearing a white straight jacket with holes allowing her breasts to pop through. She is gagged by a ring gag and is fastened to the wall as she struggles on the ground. Later we see her fastened by chains to the wall and nipple clamps joined by a length of thin chain. Watch her struggle and moan through the ring gag. Credit goes to the photographer Captive_ Kink on this shoot.

Sweet Bounty

2015-05-0730 imagesBondage
Sweet Bounty 0
Sweet Bounty 1
Sweet Bounty 2
Sweet Bounty 3
Sweet Bounty 4

Bounty is a new girl on the site and here she is tied to the stairs and gagged with her ample breasts in full view. Credit also goes to Jim the photographer on this shoot.

Do it Now!

2015-01-14Erin78 imagesBondage
Do it Now! 0
Do it Now! 1
Do it Now! 2
Do it Now! 3
Do it Now! 4

Do it Now was a sharp reminder to Erin to remove her top. She soon found herself being tied to the chair and gagged!

No Night Out

2014-11-22Erin50 imagesBondage
No Night Out 0
No Night Out 1
No Night Out 2
No Night Out 3
No Night Out 4

Erin looks so sexy in her long white silky dress! She is all dressed up for a night out but her plans soon come to an abrupt halt as she finds herself tied up and struggling! Watch out for part 2.

Classic Amelia 6

2014-10-02Amelia Knight39 imagesBondage
Classic Amelia 6 0
Classic Amelia 6 1
Classic Amelia 6 2
Classic Amelia 6 3
Classic Amelia 6 4

Check out these superb classic style pictures of Ameli Knight and enjoy!

The Maid

2013-04-1458 images
The Maid 0
The Maid 1
The Maid 2
The Maid 3
The Maid 4

Adrienna is our lovely maid,restrained and gagged! She's not going to get much cleaning done like this!