Bondage trials 2

2012-06-2064 images
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Bondage trials 2 1
Bondage trials 2 2
Bondage trials 2 3
Bondage trials 2 4

Our cute damsel in distress continues this shoot by being bound even tighter with strong rope untill she is completely helpless and tied into a ball. Gagged and trying to struggle she has no chance of escape!!

Bound Kneeling

2012-06-2075 images
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Bound Kneeling 1
Bound Kneeling 2
Bound Kneeling 3
Bound Kneeling 4

Gizzy is asked to kneel down and her arms and wrists are tightly tied behind her back. Rope is tied round her body and a ballgag tied in her mouth!

Tied up plaything

2012-06-1433 images
Tied up plaything 0
Tied up plaything 1
Tied up plaything 2
Tied up plaything 3
Tied up plaything 4

Rocio is grabbed and tied securely with lots of rope and a big red ballgag! Our buxom Mexican girl is really in trouble now! Trussed and gagged she is left to struggle!

Erin's in trouble

2012-06-13127 images
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Erin's in trouble 1
Erin's in trouble 2
Erin's in trouble 3
Erin's in trouble 4

Erin is in trouble again!! Tied tightly to a chair with strong white rope and gagged with a large ballgag she is completely helpless and at the mercy of the intruder who is stealing her valuables! Lots of struggling as this sexy girl tries frantically to free herself!

Dani Jeansbound

2012-06-1143 images
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Dani Jeansbound 1
Dani Jeansbound 2
Dani Jeansbound 3
Dani Jeansbound 4

Dani is dressed in her jeans and street clothes, left tightly tied with strong ropes and a cleave gag in her mouth! Barefoot,bound and gagged! What a lovely sight!

Trixie struggles

2012-06-096:12 minutes
Trixie struggles 1
Trixie struggles 2
Trixie struggles 3
Trixie struggles 4

Trixie is left so well trussed up that all her efforts to get free are futile! Tight ropes bind her into a strict hogtie and her mouth is well gagged. Her toes are tied and she is suspended with rope from above!

Grounded and Tied

2012-06-0860 images
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Grounded and Tied 1
Grounded and Tied 2
Grounded and Tied 3
Grounded and Tied 4

Randy star is grounded as a punishment and tied up so she cannot escape!

Hot and sexy

2012-06-0774 images
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Hot and sexy 1
Hot and sexy 2
Hot and sexy 3
Hot and sexy 4

This set continues with our sexy girl Erin tied for fun. Bondage makes her so hot!! Hope you enjoy the conclusion to this set as she struggles to get free! And she's not saying much with that big ballgag in her mouth!

Red fishnets

2012-06-0769 images
Red fishnets 0
Red fishnets 1
Red fishnets 2
Red fishnets 3
Red fishnets 4

Adrienna is tightly tied wearing just her red fishnet body stocking! She is ballgagged with a leather harness gag and left to struggle!

Sexy girl tied

2012-06-0570 images
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Sexy girl tied 1
Sexy girl tied 2
Sexy girl tied 3
Sexy girl tied 4

Erin just loves to be tied! She says it makes her feel sexy!! We didn't need asking twice so here she is all tied up! What happens next? Part two will follow shortly!