Hogtie present

2012-05-20 6:46 minutes
Hogtie present 1
Hogtie present 2
Hogtie present 3
Hogtie present 4

Erin's party day gets worse as the intruder decides to give her one last present! A really tight hogtie and a nice ballgag. Have a nice party he laughed as he closed the door behind him! Erin struggles frantically to free herself!

White satin tied

2012-05-19 59 images
White satin tied 0
White satin tied 1
White satin tied 2
White satin tied 3
White satin tied 4

Amelia Knight is wearing a white satin mini dress and she she is a bit tied up and gagged at the moment! This girl just gets better and better as I'm sure you will agree. Keep checking back for more exciting updates!

Learning the ropes

2012-05-19 94 images
Learning the ropes 0
Learning the ropes 1
Learning the ropes 2
Learning the ropes 3
Learning the ropes 4

Erin does not have the right answers for a prospective buyer and a quick call to her boss lands her in deep trouble. She is soon tightly bound to a chair with strong rope to teach her a lesson she won't forget!

Bondage mixture

2012-05-19 39 images
Bondage mixture 0
Bondage mixture 1
Bondage mixture 2
Bondage mixture 3
Bondage mixture 4

Here is a great selection of Bondage pics featuring Trixie tied in many different positions by Toebinder. Enjoy!


2012-05-17 24 images
Attention 0
Attention 1
Attention 2
Attention 3
Attention 4

Toebinder is allways one for attention to detail and this can be seen here in this latest set with Trixie tied very securely in different bondage positions and featuring two different gags. There is no escape for poor Trixie!!

Boyfriend trouble

2012-05-16 5:07 minutes
Boyfriend trouble 1
Boyfriend trouble 2
Boyfriend trouble 3
Boyfriend trouble 4

Dani is left on the bed tightly tied in a nice hogtie! While her boyfreind goes out with his mates! Pretty cute hey! Just watch this girl struggling furiously to escape!

Lovers Tiff

2012-05-10 93 images
Lovers Tiff 0
Lovers Tiff 1
Lovers Tiff 2
Lovers Tiff 3
Lovers Tiff 4

Following a lovers tiff Randy Star finds herself grabbed by her boyfriend, Bound and gagged tightly wearing her little black dress. There is no escape!

Tied in white jeans

2012-05-09 91 images
Tied in white jeans 0
Tied in white jeans 1
Tied in white jeans 2
Tied in white jeans 3
Tied in white jeans 4

Erin opens the door to find an intruder standing in front of her. He soon has her tightly bound and securely gagged. She struggles on the ground wearing tight white jeans and white boots!

Bit gagged and drooling

2012-05-09 3:03 minutes
Bit gagged and drooling 1
Bit gagged and drooling 2
Bit gagged and drooling 3
Bit gagged and drooling 4

Amelia Knight is tied and bit gagged!! Watch her struggle to free herself and see her drooling through her gag! 3 minutes of all action bondage struggling!

Interrupted studies

2012-05-05 64 images
Interrupted studies 0
Interrupted studies 1
Interrupted studies 2
Interrupted studies 3
Interrupted studies 4

Gothic Kitten plays the role of a student surprised at home and tied up. Just look at that sexy little miniskirt and the way she is tied and gagged! Her studies are certainly interupted and it looks like she's got early detention!