Tied on duty

2012-02-084:03 minutes
Tied on duty 1
Tied on duty 2
Tied on duty 3
Tied on duty 4

Police woman Randy-Star goes to investigate a break in but soon finds herself overpowered by the burglar and is left tied to the stairs. She is gagged and bound tightly with yellow tape. She struggles to free herself but she is held fast to the stairs with her own handcuffs!!

Trixie's Troubles

2012-02-086:30 minutes
Trixie's Troubles 1
Trixie's Troubles 2
Trixie's Troubles 3
Trixie's Troubles 4

Trixie is in trouble again!! She is tied up in her pyjamas and ballgagged. She is left to struggle and soon falls onto the floor and struggles to get free. Watch her try and escape and hear her muffled cries for help!

Bondage Insanity

2012-02-086:41 minutes
Bondage Insanity 1
Bondage Insanity 2
Bondage Insanity 3
Bondage Insanity 4

Trixie is bound and gagged on the floor wearing white flowered trousers and a white top. She struggles and struggles wondering what her captor has in store for her.

Silent Hostage

2012-02-0761 images
Silent Hostage 0
Silent Hostage 1
Silent Hostage 2
Silent Hostage 3
Silent Hostage 4

BB is surprised when she arrives home and finds the door open! She is quickly silenced and her hands taped. She is led upstairs and securely tied on the bed!

The Contract

2012-02-075:30 minutes
The Contract 1
The Contract 2
The Contract 3
The Contract 4

Things went badly wrong for hit woman Lady-K and she finds herself bound and gagged and struggling in a tight hogtie on the sofa as her captive policewoman Randy-Star stuggles to free herself from the ropes that hold her to the chair. Plenty of struggling and close up shots of these two lovely girls!!

Bondage Agony

2012-02-074:27 minutes
Bondage Agony 1
Bondage Agony 2
Bondage Agony 3
Bondage Agony 4

Trixie is gagged and hogtied on a table in the garage. She is left to struggle and moan through her gag as she awaits her next ordeal.

Trixie all tied up

2012-02-073:10 minutes
Trixie all tied up 1
Trixie all tied up 2
Trixie all tied up 3
Trixie all tied up 4

Trixie is all tied up wearing a pretty mini-dress and hogtied with rope and securely gagged. Her captor releases her from the hogtie at intervals and ties her toes together, then she is again hogtied and left to struggle.

Randy-Star Captured

2012-02-075:19 minutes
Randy-Star Captured 1
Randy-Star Captured 2
Randy-Star Captured 3
Randy-Star Captured 4

Randy-Star struggles to free herself as she lays hogtied on the sofa. Her silver mini-dress rides up as she struggles! gagged, tied and struggling with nowhere to go!

Totally Helpless

2012-02-0660 images
Totally Helpless 0
Totally Helpless 1
Totally Helpless 2
Totally Helpless 3
Totally Helpless 4

Nikki's flat-mate has a surprise for her. Nikki finds herself grabbed and tied to a chair, hogtied on the couch then left hogtied on the kitchen worktop. Some of the best shots yet of Nikki lee!!

Tags: bondage

Jeans Bound

2012-02-062:27 minutes
Jeans Bound 1
Jeans Bound 2
Jeans Bound 3
Jeans Bound 4

Welcome to the world of Toe Binder!! and a really nice movie clip from the set of pics of the same name.Trixie is Tied in tight blue jeans and ball gagged and left to struggle and drool.