Taught a lesson

2012-02-0511:40 minutes
Taught a lesson 1
Taught a lesson 2
Taught a lesson 3
Taught a lesson 4

Bitchy boss Erin gets more than she bargained for when she gave her employee a good ticking off. Her tea is and she wakes to find herself being tightly tied up and gagged!Listen to her bitching and watch her being tied and gagged and left to struggle!

Held for Ransom

2012-02-0515:33 minutes
Held for Ransom 1
Held for Ransom 2
Held for Ransom 3
Held for Ransom 4

Rich businesswoman Erin turns up for an interview only to find that the interviewer is an imposter!! He soon has her tightly hogtied and gagged. How much is her freedom worth? Watch her being tied and pleading for her freedom! See her struggle!

Debt Collector

2012-02-056:36 minutes
Debt Collector 1
Debt Collector 2
Debt Collector 3
Debt Collector 4

Erin finds herself at the mercy of the debt collector when he finds she is unable to pay! He decides to tie her up on the sofa making sure she is totally unable to escape. He gags her with a ballgag and leaves her struggling in a very tight hogtie. Lots of on-screen tying and gagging in this one and just watch her struggle!

Erins Chairtie

2012-02-054:24 minutes
Erins Chairtie 1
Erins Chairtie 2
Erins Chairtie 3
Erins Chairtie 4

Erin has been surprised by an intruder and . When she awakes she is tightly bound to a chair and gagged with nylons. See her struggle and squirm and hear her moan through the gag!

Officer in Trouble

2012-02-057:47 minutes
Officer in Trouble 1
Officer in Trouble 2
Officer in Trouble 3
Officer in Trouble 4

Officer Erin answers a call and is soon overpowered by an intruder who quickly ties and gags her. Plenty of on-screen tying! She is left to struggle in a tight hogtie untill help arrives!