Capture April

2012-02-2170 images
Capture April 0
Capture April 1
Capture April 2
Capture April 3
Capture April 4

Daniel decides to teach April a lesson and proceeds to tie her to a chair and gag her with a nice ballgag.

A day off

2012-02-2112:20 minutes
A day off 1
A day off 2
A day off 3
A day off 4

Trixie has a day off and plans to laze in the garden but Toebinder has other plans and soon has her secured tightly to a chair with strong rope. She is ballgagged and left to struggle for a while before her top is rolled up and nipple clamps applied with a weight added. Watch her struggle and listen to her moaning through her gag!

Intruder Bound movie

2012-02-2117:55 minutes
Intruder Bound movie 1
Intruder Bound movie 2
Intruder Bound movie 3
Intruder Bound movie 4

This is the full movie starring Rocio surprised at home and tied up. She manages to escape her bonds, only to be caught and tied up tighter! The intruder proceeds to tie Rocio much tighter by securing her hands behind her and tying rope arround her breasts. He removes her jeans then ties her ankles and legs tightly. She is left gagged and struggling on the bed. There is plenty of on screen tying and struggling with Rocio tied finally into a tight hogtie and left to struggle against her bonds!

Student in ropes

2012-02-2069 images
Student in ropes 0
Student in ropes 1
Student in ropes 2
Student in ropes 3
Student in ropes 4

Our sexy student Wednesday settles down on the couch wearing her short miniskirt and long sexy boots. But she is soon disturbed by an intruder who ties and gags her in various positions including a nice table top spreadeagle tie up!

Nipple agony

2012-02-2013:32 minutes
Nipple agony 1
Nipple agony 2
Nipple agony 3
Nipple agony 4

In this clip we see and hear Trixie as she struggles to free herself from the ropes that bind her to the chair!! in addition to the ropes Toebinder has fixed a double nipple clamp on Trixie with two weights attatched!! This is an all action clip as Trixie moans through the gag and struggles to get free with lots of different camera angles!!!

Enter Amelia

2012-02-1950 images
Enter Amelia 0
Enter Amelia 1
Enter Amelia 2
Enter Amelia 3
Enter Amelia 4

Welcome to the first set of pics from a super New model called Amelia Knight. This sexy lady looks so good in ropes as I think you will agree. So enjoy these pics of Amelia which should be the first of many!

Perils of Dani

2012-02-196:14 minutes
Perils of Dani 1
Perils of Dani 2
Perils of Dani 3
Perils of Dani 4

Our cute damsel Dani is in trouble again!! She has been caught and tied up on a chair wearing a very sexy miniskirt. Of course the vilain added plenty of rope and a nice gag! Just watch this girl struggle!

Girl next door

2012-02-1874 images
Girl next door 0
Girl next door 1
Girl next door 2
Girl next door 3
Girl next door 4

How often have you fancied tying up the girl next door? Well here is Wednesday well and truly tied up by her neighbour who only called round for a cup of sugar!!! Check out the thumnails!!

Secretary Bound

2012-02-1878 images
Secretary Bound 0
Secretary Bound 1
Secretary Bound 2
Secretary Bound 3
Secretary Bound 4

Wednesday Harrington our damsel in distress is seen here as the unsuspecting secretary who is grabbed by an intruder and quickly tied to a chair. He later decides to tie her spreadeagle to a table. She cannot shout for help with the large ball gag in her mouth and later changed for a strap gag. Good quality pics!! Check the thumbnails!

Bondage Devices

2012-02-1854 images
Bondage Devices 0
Bondage Devices 1
Bondage Devices 2
Bondage Devices 3
Bondage Devices 4

Adrienna is chained and hooded and then fixed in various positions using a variety of bondage toys and equipment.