The intruder

2012-02-1248 images
The intruder 0
The intruder 1
The intruder 2
The intruder 3
The intruder 4

Nikki Lee is busy at her computer when she is surprised and tied up by an intruder. He ties her tightly with rope and tries two different gags and some different ties before leaving her trussed up and struggling! What a good night's work he thinks!!

Bound up

2012-02-1275 images
Bound up 0
Bound up 1
Bound up 2
Bound up 3
Bound up 4

Teresa has one  too many and drops off on the bed only to be woken by the feel of rope being wound arround her ankles. Her hands were tied and she was left struggling hogtied and gagged

Intruder bound final part

2012-02-125:11 minutes
Intruder bound final part 1
Intruder bound final part 2
Intruder bound final part 3
Intruder bound final part 4

There is plenty of on screen tying and struggling in our conclusion to the Intruder bound story with Rocio tied finally into a tight hogtie and left to struggle against her bonds!

Intruder bound 2

2012-02-126:48 minutes
Intruder bound 2 1
Intruder bound 2 2
Intruder bound 2 3
Intruder bound 2 4

The intruder proceeds to tie Rocio much tighter by securing her hands behind her and tying rope arround her breasts. He removes her jeans then ties her ankles and legs tightly. She is left gagged and struggling on the bed.

Intruder bound 1

2012-02-126:55 minutes
Intruder bound 1 1
Intruder bound 1 2
Intruder bound 1 3
Intruder bound 1 4

In part 1 of Intruder Bound Rocio is surprised at home and tied up. She manages to escape her bonds, only to be caught and tied up tighter! lots of on-screen tying!

Tags: bondage, bound

The Bet

2012-02-1210:09 minutes
The Bet 1
The Bet 2
The Bet 3
The Bet 4

Toebinder has decided to tie Trixie up for a bet! As he secures her tightly to a chair with strong rope and fastens a ballgag in her mouth he remarks! 'Get out of that one if you can'!!

The rack

2012-02-1194 images
The rack 0
The rack 1
The rack 2
The rack 3
The rack 4

purchase this great set of Kenzie tied to the Rack. See her curvacious body tied and re-tied then left tied spreadeagle with a see through, nylon netted hood placed over her head and a nice ballgag placed in her mouth!

Blonde in trouble

2012-02-1153 images
Blonde in trouble 0
Blonde in trouble 1
Blonde in trouble 2
Blonde in trouble 3
Blonde in trouble 4

I'm Bored!! Declared Desi!! Her boyfriend soon cured that by tying her tight and leaving her to struggle. Let's see if she can free herself.!

Purple Bound

2012-02-1157 images
Purple Bound 0
Purple Bound 1
Purple Bound 2
Purple Bound 3
Purple Bound 4

Adrienna looks really gorgeous dressed in a purple fishnet bodystocking and tied with purple tape. She is as usual, well gagged and connot complain about her treatment.

Sexy chairtie

2012-02-114:02 minutes
Sexy chairtie 1
Sexy chairtie 2
Sexy chairtie 3
Sexy chairtie 4

Randy-Star is wearing a short black minidress and high heels when she is grabbed and tied securely to a chair. Those long sexy legs are tied with strong rope and fixed to a chair leg. She is ballgagged and blindfolded. Watch her struggle as she attempts to escape!